CityRP - Roleplay as jobs within a city! v1.7.5

The unique role-playing experience
What is CityRP
CityRP is a unique and exciting, player driven server concept. Each player creates their own character - their own life, within the server, and can build their own story through the plethora of options available to them. Each player can take on one of the many roles that are found across the city, and act out as if that is their life, alongside many other players doing the exact same thing.

Some of the main features of CityRP include:
Many commands:
/999 (or /911)
Commands are all still a work in progress, and more are going to be added soon to enable admins to do their job easier, and for players to have an even better time!
Unique role playing features:
As this plugin is a role playing plugin, it of course needs those features that help make it stand out from the crowd. This plugin includes a day & time system so players can use this to role play. It also includes a name system where players can create a role playing name to go with their new life. If they wanted to, they could even use their own name and play as themselves, maybe with the job they always dreamt of having!
Yes, guns. Just to make things a little more interesting in the city, guns are available. If you've ever wanted to start your own gang, then now you can. Get a group of your mates together and buy some guns (or just hold the gun dealer hostage and force him to give you guns or he dies) and go off and wreak havoc in the city. But if you do, you better be careful in case the S.W.A.T come after you!
Citizen - The default basic role. This, in short, is an unemployed person who receives default money and no job bonuses. They are, however, not limited in the sort of activities they do.
Mayor - This role is reasonably self explanatory. The Mayor is in charge of the town. They receive the most money and can basically order anyone and everyone around (within reason). They even have their own team of Secret Service there to protect him and do his bidding.
Secret Service - This, as sort of explained above, is the role for protecting the mayor. They are involved in the high level crimes and anything to do with the Mayor. They are, technically, his “get out of jail free” card.
S.W.A.T - Short for “Special Weapons And Tactics”, the SWAT team work together to pull off large scale operations taking down gangs of criminals. They are always called in when guns are involved in the situation, even if the police have their own guns. SWAT teams are highly trained at taking down their targets.
Police - The police are the main law enforcement in the city. They deal with things from petty theft, all the way to gunfights. Although they help deal with these fights, they always call for backup so they never lose. (Or so they think)
Police Chief - The chief is in charge of the team of officers. He tells people where to go and what to do. He is the one who determines how top of a priority a crime is and who should be involved in each case. He's the one who is targeted most by criminals, because once a leader is down, people become lost…
Thief - The thief is the basic law breaker. They roam the city, in dark alleys or large open malls and try to get away with as much theft as the can. They may even try to hold someone to gunpoint and take their money…. Or they could even use their handy pick pocketing ability and steal anything in someone's inventory…. you better watch out for these loathsome people.
Gun Dealer - A criminal’s best friend is this man right here. He can supply anyone and everyone with a gun of their choice (and ammo)... for the right price.
Chef - This is everyone's best friend. He supplies the city with as much food as he can. Who do people go to, to please their appetite? The local chef!
Paramedic - One of the most useful people you’ll know within a city filled with crime. This guy can come and heal you no matter what state you’re in. (Well except if you’re dead of course!) He can either be a friendly guy and heal your wounds out of the kindness of his heart, or make you straight up pay for his services! Either way, he’s a handy asset.
Black Market Dealer - The worst criminal you can find (so far) is the black market dealer. He has links with the black market and can buy straight from it... and then sell his possessions to the local addicted people...What an easy way to make money.. eh?
Planned Roles - If all these roles aren't enough for you, or you feel like your dream job isn't here, then don't worry! There are many more roles planned for release.
If this still isn't enough crime for you, then another planned role is the gangster. This guy is part of a gang that could be involved with drug imports, or even hitman jobs. These gangs can be large and are not to be messed with.
If you have any ideas for other roles that would be interesting and cool to add (bearing in mind the two listed above aren't all that are in store for you, to keep it a surprise), feel free to comment them!
Interactive World Objects:
Just to add to the immersion of the world, there are many things in the world to interact with. If you're low on cash, or even holding too much for your own good, you can go to the bank and use the ATM.
Perhaps you have some spare money in the bank... and you're feeling peckish... why not go check out the nearest vending machine to see its stock! Be quick though! It may run out soon!
Apartments are now a brand new feature! Simple find any jungle wood door in the city, right click it, and like magic... you now own it! Relax inside your new apartment with friends without the possibility of being disturbed from other annoying citizens! An apartment costs £50 (or whatever currency you use) up front, then another £50 every hour.
Phone System:
Feel like you need to quickly message your friend about something urgent? Perhaps you’ve noticed someone doing something suspicious and you want to tell your friend if they know anything about it. Or you’re the person being suspicious, and you want to message your friend where to meet to talk about what heist you’re going to do next. All of this is possible with a phone. Add any friend as a contact using their phone number, and easily send them a text message (using your credit, which isn’t free) and they will receive it straight away, no matter how far away you are from them…. The only exception is if they’re out of town (offline), and then you can send them an email and they can see it as soon as they’re back! Or, maybe you’re a police officer trying to solve a crime, and you need to take notes about what is happening… well that’s possible too with the notes app on the phone!
This phone system does have many things in store for it in future updates!
A new system has just been added for those players who are more... illegally inclined. 4 drugs have been added with different effects on each. These are all available from the Black Market and are all very much illegal. (But could sell on for a lot of money depending on the quality).
Now chat may not seem like a very interesting thing to talk about within a plugin. However, in this case, it improves the roleplaying experience. Normal chat is now limited to only 8 blocks around you. So if someone is down the street, and you try and talk to them, they probably won’t hear you! Not only that, but the chat will also be filtered to look more professional and cleaner. (Keeping in mind there are no words blocked, so any curse words can still be said). If you want to talk to people that are further away, there is a command to do this (or just send a text!). /y is the yell command which basically allows you to shout your message so more people can see it (people within 16 blocks can see), and there is even a /w command used for whispering things to people (which is only 2 blocks)
Although logs are not a new thing, this plugin goes into immense details when it comes to logs. The reason for this, is to find any annoying hacker, or to simply sort out a rule breaker trying to make up stories.
There are two types of log; the chat log, and the action log. The chat log is pretty self explanatory, as it stores main chat (showing if they whispered, yelled or normally spoke it), and it also shows text messages.
The action log however, is a lot more detailed and will have a lot more information on it. It can go into the smallest details, like the exact second when a certain player shot a gun at a certain location… or even when a player died; giving the exact time and location it happened. It’s very useful when admins are trying to find out if a player shot someone when they claimed not to.
This plugin also comes with a config (text file) that allows you to customise loads of options within the game. When the plugin has loaded and has been enabled on the server, a “Config.txt” file will be available in the directory “CityRP” which contains a whole load of options that can be changed. It is recommended to go through this file and make sure you update it otherwise features may be missing. It includes the locations for all the jobs and how to get them, including salaries etc.
World_Name: City
Update_Board_Location: City:124.5:49.0:888.5:0.0:0.0
Info_Board_Location: City:125.5:49.0:901.5:0.0:0.0
- City:-301.5:46.0:985.5:0.0:0.0
- City:-306.5:46.0:985.5:0.0:0.0
- City:-311.5:46.0:985.5:0.0:0.0
- City:-316.5:46.0:985.5:0.0:0.0
- City:-321.5:46.0:985.5:0.0:0.0
- City:-324.5:46.0:969.5:0.0:0.0
- City:-319.5:46.0:969.5:0.0:0.0
Hospital_Respawn_Location: City:-11.5:48.5:886.5:0.0:0.0
- City:174.0:42.0:994.0:0.0:0.0
- City:160.0:42.0:991.0:0.0:0.0
  Citizen: 50
  Mayor: 375
  Police: 125
  Police_Chief: 150
  Paramedic: 120
  Secret_Service: 300
  SWAT: 200
  Chef: 80
  Gun_Dealer: 80
  Thief: 60
  Black_Market_Dealer: 225
  Mayor: 1
  Police: 4
  Police_Chief: 1
  Paramedic: 4
  Secret_Service: 2
  SWAT: 3
  Chef: 2
  Gun_Dealer: 2
  Thief: 4
  Black_Market_Dealer: 2
Currency: $
  Chef_Location: City:181.5:41.0:1025.0:0.0:0.0
  Doctor_Location: City:-18.5:49.0:880.5:0.0:0.0
  Doctor_Equipment_Location: City:-17.5:49.0:862.5:0.0:0.0
  Government_Location: City:151.5:49.0:871.5:0.0:0.0
  Gun_Dealer_Location: City:151.5:42.0:989.5:0.0:0.0
  Police_Location: City:162.5:42.0:989.5:0.0:0.0
  Police_Detain_Location: City:173.5:42.0:998.5:0.0:0.0
  Police_Equipment_Location: City:162.5:42.0:998.5:0.0:0.0
  Thief_Location: City:41.5:41.0:989.5:0.0:0.0
  Black_Market_Dealer_Location: City:45.5:41.0:989.5:0.0:0.0
  Bank_Receptionist_Location: City:98.5:49.0:884.5:0.0:0.0
  Phone_Location: City:106.5:49.0:891.5:0.0:0.0
Phone_Cost: 5000
- City:98.5:49.0:884.5:0.0:0.0
- City:106.5:49.0:891.5:0.0:0.0
- City:122.5:49.0:891.5:0.0:0.0
- City:127.5:49.0:877.5:0.0:0.0
- City:107.5:49.0:885.5:0.0:0.0
Prison_Release_Location: City:161.5:42.0:980.5:0.0:0.0
Starting_Block_To_Click: City:108.0:50.0:908.0:0.0:0.0
Starting_Location: City:109.5:49.0:908.5:0.0:0.0
Save_Roles_Through_Session: false
Save_Apartments_Through_Session: false
    Cost: 500
    Max_Ammo: 12
    Cost: 1000
    Max_Ammo: 30
    Cost: 50
    Cost: 75
  Enabled: true
    Price: 200
    Item: SUGAR
    Price: 500
    Item: VINE
    Price: 100
    Item: REDSTONE
    Price: 150
    Price: 25
    Price: 60
    Price: 35
    Price: 45
    Time: 120
Not only this, but the plugin also allows you to edit the scoreboard at the side with different options, the default is as follows:
Title: '&lCityRP'
- '&9&lDay: &f%DAY%'
- ''
- '&9&lRole: &f%ROLE%'
- ''
- '&9&lSalary: &f%SALARY%'
Which has options which update in the scoreboard:
Day: '%DAY%'
Role: '%ROLE%'
Salary: '%SALARY%'
Bank Money: '%BANKMONEY%'
Online Players: '%PLAYERS%'
Max Players: '%MAXPLAYERS%'
This plugin will also have updates to come, which add new features, remove bugs, and generally improve player’s experience when using this plugin.

  /namechange - Force a player to change their name
  /delchar - Delete a player's character
  /setday - Change the current day
  /settime - Change the current time
  /edit - Edit the map
  /addvm - Add a vending machine where you are looking
  /removevm - Remove a vending machine where you are
  /y - Yell to nearby players (16 Blocks)
  /999 - Call an emergancy report to online government players
  /911 - Call an emergancy report to online government players
  /me - Perform actions for roleplay
  /chat - View different chat functions
  // - Speak in OOC (Out Of Character)
  /gr - Speak in the government radio
  /w - Whisper to nearby players
  /r - Reply to a recent text
  /addmoney - Add money to a player's bank account
  /config - Edit the config in game

  cityrp.* - All CityRP commands
  cityrp.namechange - Allows you to force a player to change their name
  cityrp.delchar - Allows you to delete player's characters
  cityrp.setday - Allows you to change the current day
  cityrp.settime - Allows you to change the current time
  cityrp.edit - Allows you to edit the map
  cityrp.addvm - Allows you to add a vending machine
  cityrp.removevm - Allows you to remove a vending machine
  cityrp.yell - Allows you to yell to nearby players (16 Blocks)
  cityrp.emergancy - Allows you to use /911 or /999 to call an Emergancy Report - Allows you to use /me for roleplaying* - Gives access to all Chat commands - Allows you to view the chat commands -  Allows you to view all chat sent by players - Allows you to view all text sent by players - Allows you to view all the commands sent by players
  cityrp.ooc - Allows you to talk in Out Of Character - Allows you to talk in the government radio
  cityrp.whisper - Allows you to whisper to nearby players
  cityrp.reply - Allows you to reply to a previous text
  cityrp.addmoney - Allows you to add money to player's bank accounts
  cityrp.config - Allows the editing of the config in game

Additional Info
This plugin is a large project that has had many hours of work and dedication gone into it. However, it is recommended that if you purchase this plugin, you should also make sure you have a map that suits all of the above roles and features. A resource pack is also recommended/necessary as items like guns will look rather odd without an appropriate texture for it. Currently, all the items used are fixed and the sounds used are also fixed, however in a later update it is planned to be added to the config that you can edit the item used, and sound used.

I am also completely open to new ideas and thoughts for what should be added next, whether they’re completely new features, or additions to other features like a new role or commands.

I also allow custom edits to your own version of the plugin if you have bought it. If the edit you wish made (for example changing a staff rank name) is a small edit, then I will happily change it for free. However, if you want a larger edit (like adding a whole new rank, or even custom role for your server), this will be an additional cost of my choosing. (I won’t make the price absurdly over the top).

I have also made a separate .exe file designed for servers using this plugin. It currently allows you to view the player’s stats without having to be on the server, and in a user-friendly form. It simply downloads all the necessary information from the server’s files and filters through it to display it easily for you. However, this is still a WIP and if you were interested in buying it (in addition to the plugin), that would be arranged separately as the FTP connection info will need to be hard coded into the program. An additional program has also been planned to be made which allows you to edit stats while not on the server. For example if you know someone found a glitch and exploited it to get lots of money, you can easily edit their money stat back to what it should be. This program will also need to be arranged separately, as it still is a work in progress, and currently has no price.

I do have a test map & resource pack that I used while creating this plugin, however I do not own most of the resources (or the map). I used them for my own purposes and enjoyment while creating the plugin and do not intend to use it publicly. If you wish to use them yourself, please contact me and I shall send them if you wish. However I will not be accountable for any copyright issues you may receive if you use the resources for your own purposes.

This plugin works with Spigot 1.8.8+ (up to 1.12.2)

Please note that upon first release, there may be many bugs and they are being fixed as soon as possible. So if you find any, please report them here to make your experience as nice as possible!


Thank you!

To install this plugin, drag and drop it into your plugins folder. Once the you start the server, all the necessary files will be generated. It is best to setup the config file before messing around with the server, otherwise some errors may occur.

To setup ATMs, you simply place down iron ore. If any iron ore in the map is right clicked with a credit card, then the bank screen shall open.

To setup apartment locations, simply use a jungle wood door as the entrance to the place where you want the apartment to be.

By purchasing this plugin you agree that there will be no refunds given under any circumstances, and that disputing your payment with PayPal will result in your account being removed from the buyers list, which will remove any chance of downloading future updates.

By purchasing this plugin you also agree that I may take you off the buyers list for any reason, which includes if you distribute or sell my plugin without my permission.

If you want your server that hosts this plugin listed here, PM me the IP and I shall put it here!

Planned Updates



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Latest reviews

Eh, I wouldn't buy this anymore; it is outdated and is never updated. None of your suggestions are added as the developer is 'busy'. I wish this plugin was updated more and my suggestions were considered, but clearly, they are not worth the time of the developer. Nor this plugin isn't worth his time considering there has not been a single update for a month about to be two months.
It's not updates as much as there is already a lot of features. Not once have I said I am "busy" and can't update it. All suggestions have been thought about and ones I like the sound of will be added. I am working on other plugins as of now, but if I get a really good idea and the plugin gets enough support, then I will update it often.
I can't say anything to this guy.
I am taking hover cityrp gamemode and not for private server. This is going to be publicly released so pls dont copy ma idea.

Anyway, back to the plugin. As i was the first (i believe) buyer to CityRP, i wanted some personal changes and i immidiatly contacted Xiis. After contacting him he updates CityRP, fix bugs and all that jazz. I keep contacting him an later on he keeps being that nice man who "Customer support is most important to me" and "Customers are always right". Special thanks to you man, your special, kind and attentive. I wish the best in your business. You made all my annoying changes and you made a happy customer. Very happy customer. Thank you from my heart.

CityRP launch: CityRP is completely lightweith, takes 10s to reload that massive core and changes to whole server. Updates are quite frequent and the core is unique. Worth buying it.

Money: CityRP moved from its custom economy to VAult to assure the connectivity between plugins. Making it possible to customize CityRP to your liking. You can add plugins such as Villager fights or GUI shops. Thanks so much Xiis for that change

Jobs: Nothing much to say. CityRP is completely based on the governemant vs the criminals. Making the game very movemented and with a good playerbase it could make a really good server. Jobs are regulary updated and a lot are added

Guns: i am amazed by the guns, they work perfectly and are a really good part of city rp. Good job mate

Note: 18/20, really good plugin with a great potential. Continue it with your heart.

Ps: Who am i?
Thanks for this amazing review! I'm glad you like it and I am happy that the work I have done has made you happier, as it definitely has made me a lot happier.I am definitely still trying to improve everything there is and customers always have the best ideas! Thanks Ghostblasters!
Awesome plugin! I would really recommend this for servers.
Thanks for this great review! I'm glad you enjoy the plugin!
This license was given for free. What's this?
As someone who has seen this plugin from the very beginning, I believe it is only fair that I give my own opinion on the plugin and review it thoroughly. In this review, I'll be going over many different aspects ranging from the skilled developer himself to the many features of the gamemode.

Firstly, I'll be quickly talking about the Developer. I have worked with the developer for a very long time now, and can safely say, he is nice, kind and a very talented coder. He has spent a lot of time and effort into coding many of his plugins, including this one, his biggest project yet and it has definitely payed off. He is a very respectful person and easy to get along with, which is most likely why I have spent such a long time with him. It is nice to see him improve in coding over time and it most definitely shows it.

Now for the gamemode itself, it is a big plugin so this paragraph may be fairly long; I'll try to split it up.

Jobs: The many jobs that this gamemode features are required for any basic City Roleplay, and they're done quite well at that. There is good balance of cops and robbers and space for roleplay in between, should you not want to be a good or bad person in your roleplay. The Police Force jobs are made very well with the provided map as the backroom features several different NPCs, as well as a door which can only be unlocked by members of the Police Force. One NPC is used to arrest detained citizens and another is used to collect your equipment, including guns, magazines, tasers and of course, Kevlar armour.

As for the other side, the Thief role requires you to be both sneaky and cunning, which makes the role a fun and exciting one. I will get on to the provided Pick-pocketing System at a later point, but as a Thief you are allowed to point guns at people and demand some of their belongings, an act that proves to be very exciting and tense (If done properly from both parties)

The 'inbetween' roles like a Chef may seem boring at first but if you're good at roleplay, you can make it myriads of fun. Perhaps you roleplay burning someone's food, or spit in the rude customer's burger, or perhaps you want to give someone a dining experience they'll never forget. Whatever you choose, the Chef job can be a blast and great if you do not want to get into any Crime/Police action.

Systems: The many systems that come along with the plugin are great! I'm talking about the bleeding, Phone System, 911/999 System and all the other small and nifty aspects place there for everything to run smoothly.

The Bleeding System adds a lot of realism to the game and makes you think twice before getting into a fight. It prevents lots of gunfights from happening which improves roleplay in the process. Once you start bleeding, you find it is a race against time to find a Paramedic or Doctor to help yourself out. You may even have to call 911 or 999.

The Emergency Call System: Although some may consider it small and perhaps useless, the 911/999 system is a vital asset to anyone living in the city. Witnessing a crime? Are you a victim of a crime? Have you hurt yourself badly? Or perhaps you need to distract Police from a big heist you're about to pull off, it is helpful no matter who you are.

The Phone System: Everything about the Phone System is so perfect and works so flawlessly. Adding contacts, sending texts, sending emails and writing notes is great for the phones and super fun and helpful for the roleplay. Although, I can think of some other things that can be added to the Phones (Information Apps, Shopping Apps etc') it is no problem as they are still being updated.

ATM System: Another good feature great for roleplay. Take out money to buy lunch or put away money when going through a rough neighbourhood. Such a small feature works so well.

Pick-pocketing System: This system is only accessible for Thieves and is not too powerful. The system gives a small chance when right clicking another person to open their inventory for you to take one object. Not only will you have to choose your pick-pocketing location wisely and have to plan it out, but you will also have to choose which object you wish to take. When failing a pick-pocket, you are greeted with a sound and a feeling of regret and embarrassment as you run off trying not to get caught for your petty larceny.

Arresting System: This is done extremely well in my opinion and gives loads of great roleplay opportunities for both Police and Criminals. If you see someone committing a crime, you can go ahead and arrest them. Perhaps you radio for backup and ask them to put their hands up. If they're armed, maybe you ask for S.W.A.T to assist you and point guns at him. If he tries to run, the Taser is perfect at safely incapacitating the fugitive. After they've been apprehended you can cuff them and bring them to the Station where, in the backroom you will find an NPC to arrest them and send them to Jail. This is another great system which is loads of fun as well as being realistic at the same time.

Resource Pack: Mostly required, as it will greatly enhance everyone's experience changing default Minecraft items into firearms and standard blocks into ATMs and Gun Lockers. It could do with improvements but it's still not finished yet.

Finally I'd like to talk about my judgement and why I'm giving it 5 stars and perhaps not 4 ( as very few things are perfect ) and the simple reason to that is because of the sheer effort that's gone into this. Not to mention how well the gamemode is made and how smoothly it can work (if done properly by players and admins of course) I may be hosting a server with this gamemode soon, for people to play and for potential buyers to test but other than that, I can definitely say that this is worth a buy, especially at £10.
Thank you so much for this review! It was a pleasure to read and definitely made me smile knowing people enjoy the work I do. I'm glad you enjoy my plugin and I look forward to letting you see future updates!
Really good plugin, easy to use, and the dev is so nice.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the plugin!

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