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CloudBackup - Backup to DROPBOX and FTP v1.0

CloudBackup allows you to back up your worlds, logs and plugin data to dropbox or FTP!
CloudBackup allows you to back up your worlds, logs and plugin data to external services like your dropbox account, or an FTP server! (Google drive and other services will be added later)

  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Upload to an external FTP server
  • Exclude big worlds from being backed up
  • Back up any other folder, such as data folders of plugins
  • Delete files locally after backing up, such as the log files
  • Automatically delete old backups remotely
  • Auto-backup
  • Asynchronous compressing and uploading, to save the TPS from going down!

/backup now - Back up all worlds and other folders [cloudbackup.admin]

When you've installed the plugin in your server, you first need to set up a service to upload to. Currently dropbox and ftp are available. Instructions on how to set each one up are below.

The plugin allows you to have any number of additional folders to back up. You can even delete the contents of the folder locally after backing up to save space, for example backing up the log files. This is done by setting the
keep option to false. (Examples are inside the config.yml file)

You can set a maximum amount of backups to keep remotely per folder, after this many backups have been made the oldest one will get deleted at every backup.

Setting up Dropbox

To set up Dropbox you need to follow these fairly simple steps.

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Select Dropbox API.
Step 3. Select Full Dropbox.
Step 4. Name the app <server_name>_cloudbackup (For example
Step 5. Click Create app.
Step 6. In the OAuth 2 section, click Generate below Generate access token, and copy this to your clipboard.
Step 7. Set the service inside the config.yml file to
dropbox and the token to the token you just copied from the dropbox website.

If you wish to revoke access from your dropbox account at any time you can go back to the dropbox app page and click the Delete app button!

Example of the uploader section:
  service: dropbox
  token: PYpB........................

Setting up FTP
To set up FTP you need to enter the login details (host, username and password) to the FTP service template commented out in the config.yml file.

Example of the uploader section:
  service: ftp
  username: minecraft
  password: a_hopefully_good_password

Having trouble starting the plugin?
The plugin depends on a few libraries, used for connecting to services such as Dropbox and FTP servers. The plugin aims to download these files automatically, but should the static host be down, or the server not having access to the internet it will fail to do so. In this case you will need to install the library files manually, in the plugins/CloudBackup/libs/ folder: libraries.rar?dl=1

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