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Confiscate - New Exploit Protection 3.3.7

Catch what anti-cheats never will without disturbing players, and balance your economy!
Does not work for me. The only alerts I get is what someone bought in /shop
Very happy to see all of my fav plugins see on mc-market they were getting regular updates on other platform anyway but now they got even better with new features and improvements... Ty
This is possibly the best plugin for making sure players don't get "illegal" items or taking back duped items. This is a game changer for tracking items you don't want people to have. This plugin would have saved my last server back in the day. We had a few bug abusers who found a way to get infinite vote rewards. They destroyed our economy immediately. This plugin would have avoided that.

Kangarko is one of the nicest and down-to-earth devs I've ever had the opportunity to speak with. Very fast responses and support. He's genuinely a great guy.
Thank you very much.
You wont find any bad reviews down here... just get it
Haha thank you!! :)
I loved this plugin when I used it on a 1.12.2 faction / survival server in 2018. It took too much stuff from my players and I always laughed at it.
This is a very funny plugin.
When the plugin collected a lot of stuff in the admin-crates, I held a treasure hunt event from the collected items.
The server flourished
Haha thanks for sharing your story <3
Excellent Plugin. Works as Described and even more. Helped me catch xRay users quickly.
Thanks for your review!
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