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Core (nCore - Discord Support, No Redis, Punishment, Rank, Tag) [Misq Project] 1.2.9

Core with all the needed features for 1.7.10 - 1.12!
Coming back soon..

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2.9


Latest reviews

If I am being honest, this is 100% not the greatest core on MC-Market. There are cores with way more for the same price, and while this is a decent core, there are better options. However this is slightly better because it uses MySQL (But Mongo/Redis DB's can be acquired for free legally)
Amazing core & amazing support! Brang an issue to the developer and was fixed in the same day.
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! The developer is INSANELY supportive and fixed so many tiny issues that I needed, he was fast at support and this plugin works incredibly!
This core is the best I have ever used! It includes everything you could possibly need for an amazing price! The Developer is very active and is willing to assist you on the spot!
Amazing, OutStanding Core if you want to transfer from aquacore here is your option 1) affordable 2) kind nice owner 3) its the best core you will ever find in mcmarket if you think this core is bad the f*** you
Best core I've seen around by far.

Very easy to use and cheap for what it has to offer. Would be a fool if you're starting a server and didn't use this.
The best core there is ;)

Dev is active and updates the core often and it uses SQL meaning I don't have to spend even more money on extra databases.

Big good!
Underatted the prices etc i love the ranks too love it.
Amazing core. the Quartz (the developer) takes every suggestion in mind. REALLY, really suggest buying this!
Literally no core can top this, even aquacore!
Best Core on the market.
You should Buy this.
Worth it.



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