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bedwars challenges quests


Now you can create your own questsby following this steps :

there are new things added i will explain them here :

You set this in the yaml file for each quest example :

name: Bed Removal Co.
#DAILY -> you need to finish this in 1 day
#WEEKLY -> you need to finish the quest in 1 week
#CHALLENGE -> Finish it in 1 day
type: WEEKLY
#WIN_GAME ->This is for creating win quests
#PLAY_GAME -> This is for creating Play Quests
#BREAK_BED -> This is for creating bed break Quest
#DEFEND_BED ->This is for creating Defend Your bed quest
#BedWarsGeneratorItem -> This is for creating Collect Diamond from generator Quest (this was requsted from a user.)
QuestEventType: BREAK_BED
  - '&7Break 25 beds in BedWars'
  - ''
  - '&8Rewards:'
  - '&9+&b10 &7 Prestige Experince'
  - ''
maxvalue: 25
slot: 13
ischallenge: false
  - prestiges experience add %player% 10
- prestiges experience add %player% 10

This plugin is really easy to setup only a few steps required and you will be able to add quests and Challenges to your BedWars server :
This plugin required a bedwars plugin
1- MBedwars :​
  • Vault​
  • Economy plugin [LikeEssentials]​
  • AlonsosLevel plugin [for experience and level system!]​
2- BedWars1058​
  • Vault​
  • Economy plugin [like Essentials]​

1- upload the plugin to your server files [plugins folder]
2- start the server so it will generate the plugin file.
3- stop server.
4- edit your config.yml [mysql data], and other files to your liking.
5- start the server,and enjoy the new quests and challenges in your server.

How to use it ?

use this command:
this command (BedWarsQuest) will open a gui for the quests and challenges


1- Quilty Code blazing fast!
2- Support 2 types of bedwars plugin and more will be added!
3- Quests and Challenges like a big servers!
4- Auto Accept Quests Feature
5- Allot of config files and configuration available
6- MySql support, now you can have this plugin on your bungeecord network for bedwars server.


Want to try the plugin before buying ? now you can :

IP :

Latest reviews

probably the best quests plugin i have ever seen in my life with great developer and great support keep working goat!!!!!
Purchased this plugin a while ago, randomly reached out to the developer a year later and he replied back within minutes. He found the solution to the problem I was facing very quickly and was clear through out the entire chat.

This is one of those plugins that are unique and are well supported by their author. Muntder is a great developer and has a lot of potential. I have enjoyed using this plugin so far and I plan on doing a lot more with this in the near future.

Thank you for creating a plugin that hooks into bedwars plugins so easily, with a flexible quest gui and configuration file. You have opened the doors for a really unique bedwars experience. 10/10 will buy again.
CoreQuests is an amazing plugin if you have a BedWars or skywars server. You can easily add quests and challenges. With a simple setup, you can enhance your server's gameplay with challenges and objectives.

This plugin deserves a solid 5 stars for its simplicity and functionality. Highly recommended!
Thank you sir , i am really happy that you liked my work , if you have any ideas or anything concern my plugins , i will be happy to listen , in my discord <3
Excellent plugin! Developer answers very fast and kind, plugin is stable and supports many other minigames plugin, i'll leave a 5 star bcz it's so damn good
Thank you for your nice words <3
This is just amazing. Works perfectly and the new update that is being developed is awesome, it'll let you make your own quests and stuff. Definitely recommend 10/10.
So far I can say this plugin is great! There were some issues at the start, but the developer was super fast with his response, he helped me fix the issues really fast and all i can say is that the plugin and dev are really awesome! Deffinietly worth the purchase! :D
Thank you for your great Review , Developer should be as quick as possible in providing support for the customers :D

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