CraftingStore Theme - PIE BEST ON MARKET v2.1

Professional CraftingStore Platform Theme
Bei Technischen Problemen kann mann leider selber nix ändern die Probleme bleiben vorhanden !!
Leider echt sehr schade.

Leider ist der Support nicht mehr da für dieses Produkt, leider aber auch für alle anderen Produkte des Authors

With technical problems, unfortunately, you can't change anything yourself - the problems remain!
Unfortunately a real pity.

Unfortunately, the support is no longer there for this product, but unfortunately also for all other products of the author.
I was able to use it at first but then it stopped working. Its kinda dumb how it just stops working. I even reuploaded it with a different name and it didnt fix
Good theme. however it is missing some information. couldn't get in touch with the owner and had to figure things out myself.
Best theme I have encountered up until now. The creator has also been extremely helpful and understanding! I really do recommend this seller and his work.
Amazing theme, looks great with my network.

I also have the CraftingStore version of this theme as well, I wish there was a way to change theme colour format like you can on the CraftingStore version and then lock it so players can't change it.

That Asphalt with Orange looks dope.
Great product.
You need to upgrade!
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