CraftingStore Theme - PIE BEST ON MARKET v2.1

Professional CraftingStore Platform Theme
v2.1 changelog:
  • Updated top donator module to support other games avatars. (Updated template from CraftingStore)
  • Updated basket.html file, which included new payment methods, discord auth & more. (Updated template from CraftingStore)
  • Updated category.html file, which included subscription button for relevant packages. (Updated template from CraftingStore)
  • Updated login.html file to support login for non Minecraft games. (Updated template from CraftingStore)
  • Updated other .html files to up-to-date ones.
  • Updated scroll-to-top button to be smooth scroll.

  • Changed top bar to be thinner.
  • Changed IP & Discord Guild ID to be easier to edit.
  • Changed FAQ module & footer quick link colors/hover colors.
  • Added support for featured packages module, it will now appear whenever you create featured package.
  • Added discord invite link as a setting to allow easier edit.
  • Added new Text Color - Pink.
  • Added new Theme Color - Valhalla.

  • Fixed package images going out of the box (overflowing).
  • Fixed welcome banner text spacing on the homepage.
  • Fixed player name only appearing on checkout page, logged in player name will now appear on all pages.
  • Fixed cookie settings being different for each page, for example choosing theme/text color on one page and it not being the same on different page.
v2.0 Update Changelog:


- Template can now be directly uploaded by using CraftingStore's upload feature. No more manually replacing files!
- Updated some of the links from the craftingstore.
- Updated footer logo opacity, display and added fancy hover.
- Removed parts of deprecated code.
- Updated default website color. (Was purple, now orange)
- Package font size reduced.
- Removed color changer from the left side view.
- Removed discord module from the left side view.
- Added missing referral system code.
- Removed "Discord / Color Widgets" change option from the "Style Editor" as they were removed from the left side view.
- Updated header design, now including discord and login display.
- Small changes to the package design.
- Temporary fix for "disabled" cart icon, as CraftingStore doesn't provide basket information on all of the pages.
- Added "To the top" button to the footer.
- Added variable option to edit particles color through Javascript.
- Added variable option to change header background.
- Added hover animation to the "Style Editor" button.
- Modified category page, added category name heading to the container and changed description display.
- Removed user hub from the info tab, since another user hub was added to the header. (This will only work on basket/checkout page, hopefully CraftingStore will provide global placeholder for this issue to be fixed)
- Overhauled 'Recent Payments' module display.
- Overhauled 'Top Customer' module display.
- Updated sidenav + sidenav dropdown design, as well as mobile design.
- Added custom "FAQ" and "Info Buttons" modules to the main page.
- Revamped "Rank Feature" table system, the table button will now appear on the main page and you will have option to disable it. aka there won't be need to create new page for it and do the URL changes.
- Much much more!
Jesse Pinkman
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