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CraftPortal - 2 in 1 | 100% Responsive | Easy to use | CSS3 Effects- No JS v0.2.1

A clean 100% responsive Minecraft Portal with most features Configurable
CraftPortal v0.2.1

A neat great looking design- fully responsive.
Hello fellow Mc-Marketeers, as first I want to thank you for looking at this website I've made- A scroll-down and non-scroll-down Portal to use with an clean looking config file.

At first, here are some of the features we have to offer at this portal:

  1. It has clean code, and is easy to get into with only the basic knowledge of CSS & HTML.
  2. Epic CSS3 animations, such as Glowing boxes, expanding lines and filling buttons.
  3. 5 Fully configurable vote buttons at your finger tips
  4. 3 configurable Quick links in the first sight
New features in Patch 0.2 :

  1. Config File to config most features in just one file;
  2. 2 Portal styles to choose (No-scroll and Scroll);
  3. Fixed animations;
  4. Cleaner files (deleted unneccesary JS in the indexes);
  5. PHP & HTML - You choose!;
New features in Patch 0.2.1 :

  1. Faster loading speed at the non-scroll version;
  2. Theme color config in the Style file of the Scroll version;

These are the most important features of the portal. We have kept it simple- no use of Js, as fast as possible and not filthy code lines with junk nobody cares about.

>> Pictures makes it look like nothing is centered- it is, its not the full width of the image.

The portal itself also looks really clean, here are some pictures:



We also offer free support- and any needed edits like the color of buttons, line etc. But we do not make any logo- or image changes at the website.



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