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Crazy Enchant HQ Configuration|Customisable|Complete 1.2.1

A crazy enchant config made for all your servers. It is complete with gkit, tinkerer, blacksmith
Crazy Enchantments is a huge plugin made to give your players a new experiance.The plugin is very customisable and this configuration takes advantage of it. If you dont think crazy enchantments is good then you havent seen what the plugin can do. Its a massive game changer for your factions or skyblock to keep more people interested.
The Images Are At The Bottom
Why Should you buy it?
The config is complete with customisation. You also get complete tinkerer and blacksmith which isnt found in other configs. The 4 tiers have been well thought out with the tier of books.5 Tiers werent needed as theres only 80 enchants in the plugin. the 8 gkits are made so theres a diffrence in gkit. Having gkits with similair items and things means people wont be motivated to buy them but people will be all over these gkits.

What do you get when you buy?
- 2 Variations of a custom config.(One with only books and other with all gui and items.A config with books can be made into the second one within a matter or seconds. )
- A very customisable custom config to make a config suitable for factions into a config made for prison servers or skyblock
- 8 gkits(More to come as well as a seasonal gkit)
- Tinkerer which already has been setup with proper outputs of dust and xp to make sure your players cant abuse the dust system.
- Blacksmith has been changed as well with better outputs to make it even better.
- The enchants gui has been done as well and made easier for new people to understand how the items in the plugin work. - - All enchants have been colored according to their category.

The Images Below Are Of(In This Order):
The First Config
The Second Config (You Can Easily toggle on or off the items in both configs. The Second Config is a variation of the first.)
The Gkit Menu
Enchants GUI
The Enchants On Items.

This is a config made for the plugin:

I Hope You Like It. It Took Me Over 10 Days To Complete It. Contact Me For Any Inquiry.
EDIT: Imbedded images werent working*
There was an issue with PayPal due to which the resource wasnt accepting payment. It should br fixed now. If you face issue contact me
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