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CrazyEnchantments Configuration $1 2017-10-22

CrazyEnchantments configuration

About configuration

3 Tiers Included
  • Common (30 XP Levels)
  • Rare (60 XP Levels)
  • Legendary (100 XP Levels)

  • No wings enchantment

Why you should purchase:
  • Hours spent in this configuration
  • Cheap
  • Expensive levels to help encourage players to grind, or vote for XP
  • Expensive levels, stops players from getting too much custom enchants
  • No success or destroy rates
  • Professional custom lores and names.
  • High quality custom enchantment GUI.
  • No overpowered or annoying enchants
  • Very balanced system, none too overpowered.
  • Well balanced book systems, each book placed in a balanced tier
  • Each tier helps you get to the higher one
  • Professional and High Quality lang.yml file.
  • No tinkerer (Optional)
  • No blacksmith (Optional)
  • Very unique custom enchantment plugin. Nothing like TreasureWars or cosmic! Get a new feel into your server.
  • Active support, online mc-market daily!
  • Unique enchantment names
  • You can re-add the success and destroy rates, if you want them re-added just contact me on discord or PM me on here. I am frequently online at both but online at discord more often!

Images about resource


What it comes with

  • Fully Complete lang.yml file
  • Fully complete enchantments.yml file
  • Fully complete config.yml
  • Other files, that are not complete.
What may be added but is not planned
  • Gkits, not added due to keep a unique feeling and not be seen as another boring randompackage or crazyenchantment plugin that copies ideas, may be finished and optional to add in gkits
  • Tinkerer, not added to keep the unique feeling and is basically the same reason as gkit, but is most likely going to be added for it to be optional

Please note, this is not meant to be a configuration if your looking for something that is meant to be like Cosmic or TreasureWars. This does not include gkits, tinkerer and may be added if anyone wants me to. This is a unique enchantment config to make a well-used custom enchantment plugin into a masterpiece that looks as if it wasn't even using it due to its unique features and unique names/lores.

Resources needed for this configuration:

Intended use for the latest version, works on tested versions:
1.8 (You may use it on other versions, but it is not guaranteed to work, if you would like me to test contact me and I will buy a test demo server and upload it just for you)

If you have an issue with this configuration, please do not rate it a bad rating. Please PM me and we can sort this out.
Vanticity#7500 or dridw2

Latest updates

  1. Enchantment Menu

    Updated the /ce info menu and changed the messages of "Other" in the section and made the lore...

Latest reviews

Works Great, Very Effective, Good Price And Friendly Seller, Thank you.
Thank you for the kind review ;)



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