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CuriousCat Spammer [NodeJS] [FREE] v1.0.0

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Spam questions on any desired CuriousCat page.
CuriousCat spam bot
It's as simple as it gets: you can spam questions on any page for whatever reason :shrug:

The bot was made in NodeJS - you can install NodeJS on either a server or on your own computer.
  1. Grab the NodeJS installer for your system from here:
  2. Run through the installer, the default options should be fine.​
  3. Download the resource, and extract the zip.​
  4. Next, you'll need to open up command prompt (or the equivalent for your OS) and navigate to the extracted folder. If you're on Windows, you can simply shift right-click inside the folder and click 'Open command window here'. Demo: . If you're not on Windows or the shift click method doesn't work then use 'cd <directory>' to navigate to the folder.​
  5. Now comes the part where we download the single dependency: a package called 'request'. Because there's a package.json located inside the folder you can run the command 'npm install' in your opened command prompt. If you encounter errors, try running 'npm install request'.​
  6. Once the dependency has been downloaded, we can now run the program!​
If you'd like to use proxies then add them to your proxies.txt and run this in your open command prompt:
node proxied.js <target username> <interval in milliseconds to send a new message> <message to send>
If you're not using proxies, simply run this in your open command prompt:
node proxyless.js <target username> <interval in milliseconds to send a new message> <message to send>

Dependency url:

Other files

Included in the bot is a proxies.txt file. Proxies are not required to run this bot (although are highly recommended). Public proxies should be fine (just Google 'free http proxy list'). You need to put your proxies in the proxies.txt file as 'ip:port' or 'username:[email protected]:port' format.

Additional information
This bot is licensed under the MIT license, which can be found under LICENSE.txt in the zip file.

The bot should work just fine on its own, but if you need assistance with anything then I'll be glad to help you in MCM PM's.​

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