Custom Deluxechat Config v2021-06-06

Custom deluxechat setup file that includes chat formatting and ranks to save you time!

This is a custom deluxechat configuration all setup and ready to go!
Deisgned to save server owners time during setup!

There are over 14 chat formats for different ranks of your choosing in this config.

The ranks included are not generic but are exchangable for your own!

All rank names and chat format identifiers are customizable.

Edit the config, or use it as is. Its up to you!

This configuration makes use of some basic placeholders and adds much color to the basic dull minecraft chat.

Each Rank ID has basic tooltip setups!
Player names are setup to go by their essentials nickname!

How to install:

After making a backup of your current deluxechat config:
  • Simply drop the new deluxechat configuration into your deluxechat plugin folder and overwrite the old one.
  • Use /deluxechat reload in game to reload the configuration.
  • To give the proper chatformat to the proper rank simply add chatformat.(identifier) permission to the appropriate rank and you will have your players styling in chat in no time!
*Please note that a permissions manager is required to make use of deluxechat.

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Latest reviews

I found this looking for a good pre-made deluxechat config. It's pretty good for just 2 bucks so I say it's worth every penny! Following!
Xcraft Networks
Xcraft Networks
Thanks for the positive feedback! I plan on making uopdates to this config in the future to add more features that are used my many servers.

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