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Custom Plot Road | River Dividing Plots 5.3

Make your creative server stick out from the rest with this custom road schematic
Great resource, worked first time and looks amazing.

Would be really nice if, when plots are merged, the edges of the land filled across the joins in the plots instead of a 'wall' of coloured wool but not sure if that would even be possible.

All in all, I'm very happy!
the road ones are great but in the new versions it doesn't have many things when there is already an aquatic ecosystem and the road ones don't have it.
Got it and its been almost a month and still doesn't work. It went unavailable immediately after. The support took a while and they were nice but nothing was ever done even tho they were opped and said it was easily fixed. Shame it didnt work, really bummed.
Awesome schematic! Had an issue with block rotation and author replied near enough IMMEDIATELY with an update released within 24 hours. Highly recommended!
Quick and easy to setup. Had an issue on my part and the author responded in under 5 minutes and solved it for me, great guy.
Thank you for your work :)
Awesome plot schematic! comes with a tutorial and everything. I'm amazed with how much of a quality resource this is for a plot schematic!!! Thank you so much! =D
Great schematic, easy to setup.
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