Custom Skyblock Challenges for Bentobox v3.3

100+ Custom Skyblock Challenges for Bentobox bskyblock addon.
Poorly made. Wouldn't even use it if it was free...

- The menu is filled with duplicates
- The menu somehow looks worse than the default menu
- Colors used are visually displeasing to look at
- The Challenges and rewards doesn't make sense
- Did I mention copy-paste? There's a lot.
Really good challenges and works perfectly for my server! Can't wait for new challenges for the more recent versions!
Xcraft Networks
Xcraft Networks
Thanks for the review. I hope that this saves you as much time as I put into it!
Plugins-> Bentobox-> Addons-> Bskyblock then restart your server!
I followed and nothing seems to happen
Xcraft Networks
Xcraft Networks
Hello! Please message me for support on this resource! Reviews section is for reviews only!
Thanks for your support!
I have sent you a message to make it easier to contact me if you need any help :)
Just what I was looking for. However, I would be more specific on the install instructions since you have to import them to your database
Xcraft Networks
Xcraft Networks
Thanks! I will add that into the instructions! Hope that this saves you some time during setup!
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