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CustomList Config. 1.0

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Want a nice clean /who? Well, here you are!
Custom List

This config is for the plugin "CustomList" which can be found here this is a free plugin, and does not cost money to get! So, here is the custom list you have been looking for! Super easy to add in, just donwload the .rar file, and open it. Open the note pad, and add it into the config, save, and reload the plugin! Walla! You have a nice, custom /list and, everyone on your server will love it!

Here is what it looks like: -
If you would like any colors changed/edited let me know! I will change it to however you'd like it to look!

Also, please let me know of any other plugin configs you'd like for me to setup! I am looking for some more to do, and have went to this easy one for whatever reason.. Anyways, let me know in the comments below, as I would like to know of some other things I can setup for people. If you are looking for plugins for your server to be setup, PM me, anything I can do in under 10-15 minutes I will do for free, however if it takes me longer than that I will have to charge money based on the time it takes me. I am starting out @ .50 cents per 30 minutes, so say it takes me 1 hour of ACTUAL work time, it will cost 1$. I will only charge for the time I am working!

Hope you guys like this! Leave a comment, rating, and like if you do!
Best Regards,

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pretty cool i would recommend this for servers
Very cool I use it on my server



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