CyberWorldReset Premium v1.4.3

CWR Premium contains a rich GUI, scheduled resets, world regeneration, saving regions, and more!
➼ Added experimental Lands region copying support.
➼ Fixed worlds-old.yml startup error.
➼ Updated project structure.
➼ Updated GriefDefender.
➼ Removed redundant dependency.
➼ Fixed potential issue with world border on teleport.
➼ Fixed Discord webhook not sending on automatic resets.
➼ Fixed end world with no dragon throwing error.

Lands support has been shown to copy the chunk regions but delete the virtual claims. Please wait until an update with functional Lands support.
➼ Added Minecraft 1.19 support.
➼ Fixed empty command in commands list.

After some dependency updates, all major features have been shown to function properly in this version.
➼ Added internal placeholders for region pasting.
➼ Completely reworked region copying and pasting.
➼ Fixed copying regions exception.
➼ Fixed crashing when copying and pasting regions.
➼ Bug fixes.

This version contains MUCH more stable region copying and pasting. Instead of using WorldEdit's method of doing it, I just made my own. It works a ton better for this type of usage! If you are using CWR for this feature, please update!
➼ Added Discord Webhooks!
➼ Added pure async chunk loading for Paper forks.
➼ Added ability to execute edit & save commands in console.
➼ Added more tab-complete arguments.
➼ Added ability to send world messages globally.
➼ Added async config creation for worlds.
➼ Added async player teleporting.
➼ Added new contributor: @Faln.
➼ Improved last-known fix.
➼ Updated BeansLib.
➼ Adjusted default configurations.
➼ Fixed corrupt region file header error.
➼ Fixed lava & water rejoin issue.
➼ Fixed potential memory leak.
➼ Bug fixes.

This update is pretty major! Be sure to ask any questions if you are confused with the Discord Webhook setup (or anything else).
➼ Added more tab-complete arguments.
➼ Improved last-known fix.
➼ Updated dependencies.
➼ Dropped Mohist support until further notice.
➼ Fixed lava & water rejoin issue.
➼ Fixed potential memory leak.​
➼ Added RTP to default worlds.
➼ Added safe-world checker on reset.
➼ Adjusted code syntax.
➼ Updated some lang.yml messages.
➼ Fixed issue with teleporting to highest block falsely.
➼ Other bug fixes.​
➼ Updated default configurations.
➼ Fixed issue with teleporting on the nether ceiling.
➼ Small bug fixes.

I made the mistake of having RTP search to a height of 256 instead of 128 in the nether. This issue should now be fixed!
➼ Added RTP background searching.
➼ Improved efficiency of random teleport (a lot).
➼ Added on-leave teleporting.
➼ Completely reworked last-known fix.
➼ RTP now searches entire chunks.
➼ Adjusted default configuration files.
➼ Small bug fixes & code improvements.​
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