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DarkCore - Massive Utilities Plugin v1.0

A massive and useful utilities plugin with many features (all configurable).
DarkCore is a new plugin that is meant to help make server management a ton easier. Here are the full capabilities of DarkCore:

Features list:

  • Server management features including:
    • Bans
    • Kicks
    • Mute
    • ClearChat
    • Temporary bans
    • IP Bans
    • Vanish
    • Freeze
    • Slowchat
  • Command Creator (create commands like /vote and /discord in 1 command; with permissions [command vote permission would be:, discord would be command.discord, etc.])
  • Death Bans system (with a life system as well)
  • Staff mode (needs server management enabled)
  • Drop party management (create dropparties with your inventory and randomly throw items around when you start it)
  • Player Chests (unlimited chests; support for mob spawners, written books, and enchantments/lores/all metadata [from my testing])
  • CombatTagging
  • Announcement Systems
  • Kill Streaks
  • Animated Scoreboard (integrated with PlaceholderAPI)
  • Gapple/Enderpearl Cooldowns
  • Staff Chat (toggle, rather than command)
  • Command Blocker (block specific commands from being executed)
  • Join Items (on first join, highly detailed)
  • Player Death Location Signs (like a grave)
  • Report/ticket system
  • Backup Manager (Backup server to a zip file and upload to remote server [specify directory as well])
  • Discord bridge system (bridge discord chat, support for some emojis, and output console to discord server and send commands)
  • Ore lister (List ore stats in lore of pickaxe)
  • AutoSell (Automatically sell items specified in config)
  • XP Multiplier (Multiply all XP on server by specified amount by either: global multiplier, or per player multiplier)
  • Staff alert (Alert players on staff join)
  • Modularity (Features can be enabled/disabled with ease in the config)

The plugin is also highly configurable, and current has 8 configs. List of configs:
Here is proof that I coded this:

If you would like to test the plugin:

Test discord server (discord bridge): wnzrDGM
Test server IP:​

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