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Deluxe Tebex Theme 4.7 STABLE

The best Tebex/Buycraft Theme you can buy!
Terms and Conditions

Be aware that terms and conditions may be updated anytime.
It is your responsibility to stay informed about any modifications that have been made.
The last time this TOS was updated was on 1 November 2022 at 1:59PM

Terms of Services

- You agree to the terms and conditions by purchasing this digital product.
- You're not allowed to request refund
- You're not allowed to chargeback or open PayPal Case
- You are over the age of 18 OR you have parental permission
- You have authorization to use the debit/credit card and/or PayPal account
- You may not redistribute, resell, or share the application.
- If you act rudely, disrespectfully, or in any other way, I reserve the right to revoke your license.
- All the services offered are intangible.
- We do not offer support for further modifications that the initial app didn’t have by default.
- If you are banned from BuiltByBit, you will not be able to reclaim your resources.
- You are not allowed to remove my trademark icon from footer

Privacy Policy
The following data is collected:
  • Website URL
  • User ID
  • Download ID
  • Version of the downloaded product
  • Download hash
What is the purpose of this data?

The data collected is used to determine whether or not the user has purchased the product and is eligible for support.

Requesting that no information be collected will prevent the purchaser from using the resource in the future and will result in the purchaser no longer receiving support for the resource.

Additional Prices
- Any ISC (installation, setup, and configuring) is charged separately.

If you violate any of the Terms of Service listed above, your license may be revoked.
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