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Deluxe Tebex Theme v4.9 STABLE

The best Tebex/Buycraft Theme you can buy!
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Yesterday I invested more than 100$ on 2 products from this seller, including this tebex template.
After I contacted the seller, he spied on me somehow and saw that I was proceeding with a deep customization of the webstore.

NOTE: if you care about your privacy while customizing your server webstore, then be aware that he can see anything you are doing on tebex at any time.

Customizing is not forbidden by any EULA I accepted. I was working on this template for my own server. Nothing to deal with leaks. I just wanted my server store to be as unique as possible. He became SUSPICIOUS and accused me of leaking his template. Then he tried to force me to prove that the tebex server I was working on was mine. When I refused (cause let's be clear, it's not his business unless he has PROOFS that I am harming his interests) he removed my licence for both the products I bought.

NOTE: if you care about your time and money, be aware that he can suspend your licence at any time based on a suspicion, and you'll be forced to waste hours of your time trying to get back your licences that you invested more than a hundred dollars in.

I'm not here to waste time with paranoid sellers. If I had to prove that I own a server to any seller I purchase a resource from, then I wouldn't have time to live, imagine to open my server...
I took a deep look at this platform's EULA and terms of service. I am not obbligued to prove anything to anyone here. I'm a buyer that wants to customize a product purchased for more than a hundred dollars. I have the right to do this. It's outrageous that this seller removed my licence without having any actual proof that I'm violating his TOS.

Why this review? I just want to let possible customers know what they risk purchasing this resource from this seller.
This license was given for free. What's this?
Really great product does a lot of supporting when you have to install it great person and helps always ❤️ future a lot of great options in the tebex addons aswell!
I cannot say enough about this dev, truely amazing. Really kind and helps with anything and everything. Free of charge setup, and the results were insanely good. If you have any doubts, don't. The results of this theme were impeccable.
Great theme and even better support! 10/10
Easily the best and most configurable Tebex Theme out there for a great price. Support is also Top Notch and have fixed/helped with any issues we had getting it setup!
Beautiful looking and customizable theme, installed for me even though he had exams going on, highly recommended.
Great theme, the truth is that I am fascinated by the developer who installed it calmly and without inconvenience, my store was beautiful.
Excellent response time via discord, took minutes for a response! Very helpful and explained everything in detail when asking questions about the setup process. Very trustworthy and very worth it!
This license was given for free. What's this?
I contacted him by discord to buy it and he responded pretty fast, adding that he installed the template for free and configured it for me, very good service and developer <3
Excellent! Best tebex theme in mc market
This license was given for free. What's this?
Fast support, helped with everything requested. Definitely recommend
Honestly I think this is one of the best tebex themes you can buy on here. The support and guides have been amazing to help me setup my store to how I want it to look and the features the theme comes with is so clean and professional.

I would highly recommend getting this theme. You won’t regret it!
It's a great Theme for Tebex. You don't see a theme like this very often. You can argue about whether you should / must or want to buy the plugins now, but in my opinion the price is pretty justified!
As already said, great theme, great support and competent owner.
Best theme ever and great support would recommend 100%
Great theme, and fast support. I recommend it
Great theme, very quick, fast responses and support. 100% recommended!
Very nice theme, I really appreciate the specialities for the events like halloween and christmas. The support is very fast, indeed the ticket is answered after one day. The creator is friendly and reactive.
This license was given for free. What's this?
Good theme, fast and efficient support. I recommend it
Amazing theme, clean and professional.
The support is fast and responsive, i asked for updating all the theme to the latest version and with a couple of bucks they did everything in matter of minutes.

This license was given for free. What's this?
I own a FiveM server and was looking for a theme that worked for me. This is the best I have ever seen. This really takes your shop to the next level. The owner was very professional and helped me with all my questions and all requests. He really went above and beyond! 10/10 recommended
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EULA: Standard EULA
Setup and Installation
Installation and setup of the template. This includes changing colors and setting up addons
Changing colors.
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