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[DM]+TokenEnchant [Addon] 1.2

Addon for [DM] + TokenEnchant. Smart GUI that will detect item that player holding for enchanting.
This resource is an addon for

With this addon you will get more interaction between GUI and players. The GUI will detect item that you're holding. Let say If you not holding item or holding item that can't be enchant, the GUI will not open the Enchant menu. However when you're holding item that can be enchant, then the GUI will show the Menu and you can enchant the item that you holding.

For example when you're not holding anything the GUI will be locked and same with you holding item that can't be enchanted like chicken, potato, furnace, fence, etc.

When you hold any of Sword, Pickaxe, Bow, Chestplate, Shield, etc the GUI will let you open the Enchant Menu.

This config will make your server alive with GUI interaction and you can check my video or join my showcase server to test it.

Not Holding Item

Holding Carrot

Holding Pickaxe
Minecraft Version 1.8+ - 1.12

This config require:

Plugin Require:
Deluxe Menus (1.10.2):

Token Enchant (11.20.0):

PlaceholderAPI (2.8.2):

Discord Link:

Latest reviews

Good resource and I can see it working, just my enchants dont pop up
Thanks for the review, yeah I mess up on the main config. Seems like the op enchant have problem. I wouldn't be able to fix it around this month because busy with work. But I will fix it when I'm done with my work. Sorry for the issue and making you wait for the fix
placeholders from MVdWPlaceholderAPI not working!!!
please fix
what do you mean? it works fine with me. PM me so I can help you out.



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2.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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