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{DTM-Defend Your Mob}{Fun MiniGame}{Teams, Guns, Relics, Mobs, And Much More...}{1.10.2} vV1.0

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The new minigame DTM - Defend Your Mob with many features and a new game mode ...

Hello Friends, I stand, I am Neolyon and I'm from Mexico, I share my plugin called DTM (Defend Your Mob), this is my first contribution to this great community. Sorry for my bad English. I ask proper conduct please, since I'm new to this, any questions or concerns with confidence. Then I talk about my them plugin.


DTM (Defend Your Mob) is a mini game Minecraft developed by me. Its gameplay is very similar to several popular games like, Egg Wars Annihilation, etc. In this game you take on rival teams with special weapons, defeating his mob, etc.

In what is the game (How do you play?)
The game consists of battle between teams, to eliminate a team, you must first destroy the relic of the team, this is the "soul" of the mob team because the mob is the main goal of the game when his relic is destroyed the mob is vulnerable, while no. Once defeated the mob that team, the whole team is disqualified (deleted the game and all its members pass spectator mode in the game).

There is also a special mob called Orus, which protects the drop gold bullion (gold bullion equivalent to money), this mob has special powers and when he is killed, gives the murderer bullion as a reward.
In addition, special weapons to be bought in the store, among other things like potions, etc., and there are drops of food for each team.
The last team standing wins the game.

Note: When you kill a relic, mob, player, individual or team rewards are received.


This is a small first contribution to you friends, I am new to this, I ask please appropriate behavior on your part, comments, questions, tips. I hope you like this mini game.
It is developing and eventually they will correct bugs or problems and adding more features and functionality.
Please do not leave bug reports in the comments section and uses the issue tracker to support the troubleshooting.
Thank you so much.


* Equipment (4 teams, red, blue, yellow and green)
* Different types of chat (equipment, general)
* Kits (1 now, the special starter kit)
* Drop Food (per team)
* Drop Ingots (in the center of the map)
* Mobs (4 mobs, 1 per team)
* Special Mob (Orus)
* Relics (4 relics, 1 per team)
* Stores (unlimited, default 4, 1 per team)
* Special Weapons (4 types, projectile weapon fire, lightning strike weapon, a weapon of TNT with effect player, gun teleportation)
* Potions
* Money (gold bullion, bullion drop for murder reward relic, mob, player and orus)
* Messages (of all kinds, information, notices, etc.)
* BossBar (messages, information, information mobs, etc)
* Scoreboard (in lobby and in game)
* Display Messages (announcements winner, stocks, etc.)
* Effects player (to take action, launch special objects, etc.)
* Particles (to perform actions, launch special objects, etc.)
* Fireworks (when performing actions, launch special objects, etc.)
* Sounds (in play and perform actions)
* Signs (way to enter a team and to play, only administrators can use the signs)
* Command (only for administrators)
* No permits are required
* GUI (menus, shop, etc.)
* Timer (game clock, countdown start and end of game)
* Setting language
* Configuration Map (administrators only)
* Advanced settings (change game settings)
* Protection construction in Relics, Mobs, Shops, Etc.
* Support for one world.
* Lobby in the same world (construction and modification protection only.)
* Changing the map (Construction, explosions, etc.)
* Restoration map automatically (by restarting the server)
* When the game ends off the server to restore the map to the next start
* If there is 0 players when the game is active, the server shuts down.
* If the game is running, and can not enter.
* And much more ...

Note: more features will be added.


Note: This version only works on Spigot / Bukkit 1.10, 1.10.1, 1.10.2.
Installation steps:

1. Download this post the plugin, and save wherever you want.
2. Having downloaded the Spigot.jar in its abovementioned version (s) and start it.
3. Move the plugin DTM.jar to the plugins folder located in the folder where the Spigot.jar came.
4. Run again Spigot.jar

Note: This plugin depends on the plugin ProtocolLib.jar (preferably minecraft download a plugin equal to the DTM). Thanks to the author: dmulloy2
This is his post:


Within the plugins folder, a folder called DTM, that's where the plugin files are located, such as:

DTMConfig containing settings and locations in the game map.

DTMConfigAdvanced containing game settings as number of players per team, shop prices, setting mobs, etc.

DTMLanguage containing everything relevant to messages, language game, etc. There are also two important folders, one called World and BackupWorld, within two should the map to be used in the game, these two folders have the function to restore the map when the game ends

Note: In the file DTMConfigAdvanced should not change the following:

Red Team Name: Red
Blue Team Name: Blue
Yellow Team Name: Yellow
Green Team Name: Green
Mob Red Team Name: Red
Mob Blue Team Name: Blue
Mob Yellow Team Name: Yellow
Mob Green Team Name: Green


When questions arise they will be added in this section and shall answer.


At the moment only they have 2 commands that are importances and only administrators (must have OP) and can be used:

- / Dtm map This command is to set the map (set the locations of the relics, mobs, spawn, lobby, etc).

- / Dtm reload This command it is to reload the configuration has been modified at some point and want to see the changes that cause these changes.



Coming son.


Coming son.


If DTM delight you'd appreciate it if you decide to support this work by donating as appreciation of you as only I developed this plugin and have taken me hours and days to present this project for free, for any reason from you, I would great help and motivation to continue working to improve and add more things to this project. I'd appreciate a lot of truth, however, if you can not for any reason or motive, there is no problem, I appreciate your preference.

Many Thanks & Regards ... Your Friends Neolyon.

If you want to support with your donation, down here I leave a PayPlal button, thank you.
To donate, go to the following website:



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