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All-in-one dungeon creator. Create unlimited, timed dungeon experiences with your own builds
  1. Gameplay
  2. World management
  3. Role playing
Supported software
  1. Bukkit
  2. Spigot
  3. Paper
Supported versions
  1. 1.13
  2. 1.14
  3. 1.15
  4. 1.16
  5. 1.17
  6. 1.18
  7. 1.19
bosses custom mobs dungeons hypixel dungeons loot chests quests raids rewards scoreboard spawner
Inspired by Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons and Minecraft Dungeons




Plugin Showcase

Plugin Videos

Head to the wiki for more videos!

1. Purchase and download the resource
2. Install PlaceholdersAPI
3. Install WorldEdit
4. Install AsyncWorldEdit
5. Drop all .jar files into your plugins folder, stop your server if it is running, and start it back up
6. Use the wiki and tutorial videos provided to get started

All updates for the resource use smart updating that checks which version you updated from and adds all features you currently don't have in your existing missions and dungeons. Simply stop your server, replace the current dungeons-<version>.jar file in your plugins folder, and start your server back up.

1. Change messages and names through the messages.yml file in your Dungeons folder created.
2. If migrating from the old version, please be sure you copy your existing Dungeons folder in case you want to revert. Dungeon hubs will not be functional once you migrate! You will need to handle world protection as usual through your world protection plugin.


Latest reviews

The best idea ever, with a active developer, i recommend this mod for your server guys, i've using it since one year ago and its amazing.
Im very happy with this plugin, like fr very happy, only problem I got rn:
I cant drag and drop in the minecraft gui like for example while creating a loot table.
Tried with older versions of this plugin but still doesnt seem to work with me.

hope this will be fixed soon :)
I have been on minecraft since as far back as 1.6.4 (we are talking about 2013).

With this plugin I had the best support experience in all these years! Denizendev is active and constantly helping his customers. I needed a small modification to disable a feature of the plugin.
I explained my needs to him and he added a string in the configs for me to fix it.

Rated 5/5.
The author answers all your questions and gives you immediate solutions, he is very active, and since I bought the plugin he has always given me constant support.
I recommend this plugin as the best dungeon plugin that I know.
Appreciate your support and continued presence in the Discord!
The developer is very active, and helps you with everything you need, it's the second time I use him and he responds in a few minutes, if you are looking for something new for your server, this is the right plugin.
Thanks for supporting my work - means a lot!
Dev is great, fast reliable and takes into consideration feedback and suggestions, really the 1 star reviews are just frustrated kids that don t know what a plugin is i use the plugin for over a year now and never had any problems that were not solved in in 24h from when it was reported
Thanks for the continued support, appreciate the kind words!
why when i put the plugin on my shockbyte server does the plugin fail to load when booting server up?
Make sure to download PlaceholdersAPI as well as FastAsyncWorldEdit or AsyncWorldEdit if you plan on creating instanced dungeons. Thanks for the review :)
so the scoreboard & command entry section is still that garbage as before? so i need to delete a whole scoreboard to just change the second line? i really dont get why you dont fix it, but thats the main reason i will stick to another dungeon plugin. imo this was wasted money. additional you dont allow a plugin reload, so changes in files are useless too.. next funny thing is. if you make changes, and restart the server.. the changes are just gone. you need to edit it while the server is offline. wow.
Just added a reload command in the most recent update. You can make changes in the files, then run the command from in-game. Just watch out for autosaves that may overwrite your unloaded edits in the files (you can configure autosave duration in the settings.yml file). Hope you can give Dungeons another chance!
Plugin is easy to understand, the support is very nice and friendly. I hope it keeps expanding with more features and more options to setup over their easy gui.
Thank you for the kind words and support! :)
Don't even buy it if you want to interact with mythicmob or mmoitem plugin, since nothing will work with them,which makes this dungeons plugin meaningless in this Mythic plugins meta.
Hi! MythicMobs have and will always be spawnable using Dungeons spawners. MMOItems can be placed within loot tables and used as you wish within a dungeon. If you are having trouble with detection or damage with any third-party plugin, Dungeons provides manual commands for all objectives and damage that you can attach to a mob. This plugin is NOT a Mythic plugin and therefore should not be expected to natively incorporate everything those plugins offer. Feel free to message me on Discord and I can happily look at any issues you are having


Digital product
License duration
First release
Last update
4.56 star(s) 52 ratings

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