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Best JetsRepairTokens System!


This list shows you the Terms and Conditions that you must comply with and accept when purchasing this resource.

1. You may not re-sell the product in any way.
2. You can not share the products with other people.
3. Refunds are TOTALLY denied because ALL products are digital.
4. You can not claim the products as made by you.
5. You can not use any content of the products for re-sale.
6. You can only share configuration files from any resource DIRECTLY with the plugin developer himself for help.
7. I am in no way obligated to keep a resource up to date if I don't have enough time.
8. If at any time I want to sell the ownership of a resource that has been purchased by you, I am not obliged to provide support for a long time. (( If this is the case, an agreement will be reached with the new owner to maintain the support. ))
9. Any idea given about any of my resources can be taken for future updates without any consent from you. (( If you want any private change you can write me privately and we will make an agreement. ))

If you do not comply with these terms & services, I have the full right to take away the product(s).

• I reserve the right to change this Terms & Conditions of Service at any time without any prior notice.
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