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Enjin Theme with tags! [HTML/CSS/JS] 4.2

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A beautiful & clean Enjin website for your Minecraft Server!
Today I'm selling a very clean Enjin website theme. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

Upon purchase, if you need help changing the logo or IP on the live player tracker, PM me and I'll be happy to help!

Latest reviews

It´s good, but i have a problem because, it´s not update. Ilove the resource yet...
No instructions all you get is pictures that are outdated. Don't bother, no support for this either as he has clearly stated in the discussion topic and not in the actual product topic.
Dont Download This Unless If You Know How To.
Not Good Support and Very Difficult
Hey, I need a lot of help setting it up, i have tried and i do not succed, i am willing to pay $3 to help me plz
The theme is really great when you set it up. Although there are some problems with it (if you want to change the color, header background, enjin profiles, etc.). I contacted the author on skype, he then gave me some information as in that to change some buttons on the forum that it was in the theme editor, sadly it was not and I had to go through the CSS part of the header code to find it (which I did and it was hard and took a lot of time). He seemed to have start ignoring me on skype when I kept bringing up questions to him. I last asked him a question over 14-15 hours ago, he has been online skype and has yet to respond.. It would be nice to know if there is a real reason as to why I am not getting a response such as he could've said he has work, school, etc. But from what I see I have just been getting ignored for the past few hours.
Thanks for your review! Glad you figured everything out and I'm sorry I did not respond! It was late and I'm not at my computer in the morning. If you need anything else, contact me on Skype! :)
Awesome enjin theme once you have everything setup.
Thanks for the review!
i mean it would be nice but mine/what i did looks nothing like that plz help me
Add me on Skype and I'd be more than happy to help! :)
Amazing thanks for this great design! :D
Thank you for your kind review!
Love it, worked perfect.
Awesome! Thanks for the review!


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3.45 star(s) 11 ratings

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