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Evolution Kits * 1.7-1.11 * API * Works With Every CE Plugin * Unlimited Vkit Levels * /vkit v4

Kits that evolve as you use them and as they evolve give better rewards!

How It Works-

Its rather simple how these work. /vkit opens the vkit menu. You start at a Level 1 vkit. When you do your kit you have a % chance for it to level up to the next level. As the levels get higher the gear gets better.

Whats It Do-
This plugin is aimed towards Faction Servers of ALL kinds. Anywhere from OP custom enchant to normal vanilla servers.
It adds /vkits into the game. The goal of vkits is to introduce OP kits into the game but they take getting on daily and a little patience to get. The gear it gives you is 100% customizable and you can config it to fit your server!

What Servers Is It Meant For-
You can use it in factions, prisons, kitpvp, survival, creative, parkour, even skywars!
You just have to adjust the kits to fit your server!


* Supports These Minecraft Versions
--- Spigot 1.7.10 (Note the title (when you level up) may not work in this version)
--- Spigot 1.8
--- Spigot 1.9
--- Spigot 1.10
--- Spigot 1.11
--- Paper Spigot 1.7.10
--- Paper Spigot 1.8.8
* Supports ALL Enchant Plugins
* SUPER Customizable
* Data File To Store Data Over Restarts
* Allows UNLIMITED Number of Levels (1-99999999)
* Allows Up To 54 Kits
* Built In Vkit Gems
* Built In Fallen Heros
* Fallen Hero Customizable Drop %
* Fireworks On Level Up
* Shows A Title Screen On Level Up (Like the /title command)
* Customizable Level Up Chance
* 2 Preconfigged Vkits (If you use RP)
* /vkit reset command
* /vkit setlevel command
* /vkit give commands
* Ability To Reset and Set levels of all online players vkits
* Missing Configuration Section Notification
* Great API (With 3 Events)
* messages.yml
* settings.yml
* vkits.yml
* Easy To Use
* So Much More

Commands & Permissions-
<vkit> will replace the vkit NUMBER (like in the config it says vkit1, vkit2, etc)

/vkit - Opens The Vkit Menu - vkits.player
/vkit reload - Reloads The Plugin - vkits.reload
/vkit help - Brings The Help Menu - None
/vkit reset <player> - Resets A Players Vkits - vkits.reset
/vkit givegem <player> <vkit> - Gives A Player A Vkit Gem - vkits.givegem
/vkit givehero <player> <vkit> - Gives A Player A Vkit Fallen Hero - vkits.givehero
/vkit givekit <player> <vkit> <level> - Gives A Player The Vkit Levels Items - vkits.givekit
/vkit setlevel <player> <vkit> <level> - Sets A Players Vkit Level - vkits.setlevel

vkits.admin Gives Access To All Commands

For access to the vkit the permission is


Note <vkitnumber> is the number in the config NOT the slot

You can also you * to replace <player> to replace with ALL ONLINE PLAYERS

Heres a rundown of how to work this plugin

How to work the pugin:
You know the commands and what they do so theres not a lot you need to do. Actually theres nothing.

The configuration can be tricky. So heres how it works. The first part of the config goes like this the vkits go in order starting with 1. Each config section consists of a gui section, an item section, a gem section, a hero section, and one that doesnt fall into any other catagory.
- The hero section is very easy to setup. This is the mob that has a chance to drop the vkit gem. Theres the spawn item config, the mob config, and the drop config. The item is the item you right click to spawn it. The mob is the mobs health, nametag, armor, etc. The Drops are the chance it has to drop the gem, and if you dont get the gem, the default level for the vkit gear
- The gem section is simple. This is the item you get When you give a player the gem for that vkit. You modify its name, item, lore, message and command. The message is the message shown when you redeem the gem. The command is the command run (to give the permission) when the gem is redeemed.
- The Gui section is simple too. This is the item that is displayed in the /vkit menu. So for each you have name, item, lore, slot. The Lore has a few Placeholders you can use. %unlocked% shows weither or not the kit is unlocked. %level% Shows the players vkit level. %cooldown% shows the time left in cooldown (if under one). The slot can go 0-53 however as long as its under the slots number at the top of config.
- The Other Configuration section is probably the easiest. Its just the name and cooldown time of the vkit and the max level. The name is displayed in the broadcasted level up message and in the title on level up as well in some messages. The cooldown is in seconds. The default is 3 days. The max level is the maximum level the vkit can go up to. Also note the more levels you have the more time it will take to configure the vkit part.
- The Vkits section is the most difficult and time-consuming. Its splits into different levels (default 10) depending on the maxlevel of the vkit i suggest no less than 5 and no more than 15. Then in each level you have the number of items. In this i suggest no less than 2 but no more than 5 or 6. So for example if my vkit is level 7 when i use it it will get the items from the level 7 section of the vkits config. Now to talk about the items. Each item has name, lore, amount, item, enchants. The lore is fairly simple. Say you have an enchant named Health and its bold red, to add it to an item you put this in the lore "&4&lHealth" So say this Health each goes to a max of 10. I have placeholders to help with this you simply do this. %min-max% so it takes the min number and the max and picks a random number in between them and returns A ROMAN NUMERAL. So since my vkit is level 7 thats pretty high so i may put something like this "&4&lHealth %5-8%" this will give me either Health V Health VI Health VII or Health VIII. Now the enchants go a little different say i want protection on this. Under the amount i put
protection: 3
This would give me a prot 3 piece.
Set to 0 to disable the enchant.

Now it wouldnt hurt to explain the messages file and the settings file either.

The messages are simple and you dont really need help with that.

The settings file holds the level up settings, the level up chance is the chance your vkit has a leveling up at each given level. The firework is the firework that goes off when you level up. Same with the title.

How It Works With ALL Enchant Plugins-
Simply in the vkits configuration it has in the lore
'&6Deathbringer %1-3%'

Thats if you were using RandomPackage
If your using a different enchant plugin simply do this

'<enchantcolorcodes><enchantname> <yourplaceholdernumber> '

So say i had this enchant

Health Boost I

Which can go up to

Health Boost IV

I put this in the lore

'&4Health Boost %1-4%'

Go to this page to view the screenshots



The API was mainly meant for me but i guess other people can use it

Just put the plugin in "Refrenced Libraries" and then Type VkitAPI. and then you get a list of methods. Ill explain a few

This opens the /vkit menu

giveVkitItems(Vkit, Player, Level);
Gives a players vkit items depending on kit and level

giveVkitGem(Player, Vkit);
Give play a vkit gem

Takes number in seconds and puts it into
X Days, X Hours, X Minutes, and X Seconds

Does the same thing as above but puts it to

You can also use getVkitsFile() to get ANY config file or the data file
Also has the option to save and reload the files

It also has a 3 Events you can listen for


PM me if You make a public plugin using this API and ill put it on this page

If you find a bug PM me or Post in discussion section. Dont use reviews please.
I can fix it ASAP

Please post bug in this format:

Vkits Bug Report-

Plugin Version:
Server Version:
ServerIP: (in case i need to check it out)
On A Scale 1-10 (10 being critical) How Game Changing Is This Bug:
Describe This Bug:
How Does It Occur:

Promoted Plugins-
These plugins go extremely well with this vkit plugin. I suggest checking them out:

Mythical Enchants:


PM Me if you want your server up here

None Yet

Plugins That Use The API-

None Yet

Q: Something is giving an internal error, what do I do?

A: This is probably a configuration error. It probably wouldnt be something missing thanks to the built in config error report. However, its probably a unknown item. Try to fix, if you cant, pm me a bug report

Q: How often will you update this?

A: Pretty often, about every chance I get. If theres no critical bug fixes, it will probably be updated once a week. (Maybe per week 1/2. Depends) If theres a critical bug I will update it ASAP. Remember PM ideas!





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