EzRanksPro Config: Ultimate Prison Bundle v2.3

Expertly crafted and tested | Gangster Style | 33 Ranks |Rustic-Bohemian Mine| More! (1.8)
This is a new configuration I have expertly crafted, and have gotten tested/vouched by Leafy It is a bundle of alot of goodies for your prison server, and has a mini guide to getting money (guarenteed).

This was created with the use for the plugin "EzRanksPro" with the following overall features.
-Boosters and Discounts (for donors)
-Unique Gangster-Styled language/messages
-33 Ranks (A-Z, and 6 *secret* ranks)
-Prices preset, colors are done, and messages tweaked.
-Opted for easy usage, now you don't need to hire anyone to do it FOR YOU!
-Keeps the original style that all players know and love!
****LIMITED MINE INCLUDED**** -- http://www.mc-market.org/resources/1752/

Instructions (Noob-friendly level: Easy :D)
1. Download EzRanksPro
2. Follow instructions from downloaded files.
3. Done. Restart.

1.1 - Added a promo code hidden in text. Can you find it? If you do, you get a free build from me.

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