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FacPack-Core v1.1

All your faction modules in one place!
Welcome to FacPack-Core!

By default this plugin doesn't do much, in-fact it doesnt add any extra functionality to your server on its own. This core is designed to load separate Modules designed for FacPack. In order to use any FacPack modules, you must use the core!

/fcore - Lists usage commands
/fcore load {Module Name} - Loads a module
/fcore unload {Module Name} - Unloads a module
/fcore reload - Reloads the core's config. Not the modules.
/fcore config {Module Name} - Reloads the config for the specific module.

Simply drop the FacPack-Core.jar into your plugins folder and restart your server!

How to install Modules:
Modules can be installed into plugins/FacPack-Core/modules.
Simply drag and drop the module jar into this folder and restart the server or run the fcore load command.

fcore.core - Allows usage to the fcore commands.

Current Modules:

Motd & Playerbase Module:

Online Player Baltop Module:

Broadcasts Module:

Admin-Chat Module:

Gamble Module:

Staff-Online Module:

Wilderness Module:
EULA: Standard EULA
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Jun 21, 2018 Published
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