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Factions Setup (1.8-1.12) [SALE] v1.01

Quality factions setup with two different versions.

Custom Factions Premade Setup

This setup has been made with quality; The spawn and configurations were made with the idea of being simplistic yet elegant. The server runs on 1.8.7 with ViaVersion, so 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x and 1.12.x compatibility.

More information

This setup has two different versions; One without premium plugins. This is for people on a budget who cannot afford the plugins needed. The only downside with the non-premium setup at the moment is not having a shop, which will be brought out in a later update.

Premium plugins

Premium plugins are not allowed to be re-distributed, so we are unable to sell the .jars of the premium plugins. We leave the configuration for these plugins, though. This means you will have to buy the premium plugins we use or use the non-premium setup. All premium plugins used:

Seems to be removed from spigot, left the .jar in until I know if It can be resold or not.

All of these come together at a cost of $53.48 USD. These plugins can be found leaked but I do not recommend using leaked copies as that is illegal. If you're on budget I'd recommend just buying ShopGUIPlus and adding it into the non-premium version as it's the cheapest (6.99 USD)

The spawn

The spawn was custom built by Synraw. If you only want the build from this setup, we are selling it separately here:
The spawn has room for adding extra features at your will. We also made a small warzone protruding 50 blocks out of the spawn.



The server has the required files to run localhost off a Windows computer. To use on a host, upload the files via FTP while the server is off, and make sure you are running Spigot 1.8.7/1.8.8, otherwise it will not function properly.

There is only one error on the console, and that is votifier. You will need to configure the settings for votifier to match your ip/port. Also, make sure to delete the rsa folder so you can generate your own, unique votifier public and private keys.


Please report any bugs you might happen to find. Please do not leave a bad review for bugs, this is a new setup and is prone to having bugs. We will be fixing all reported bugs, but people reporting bugs via the rating system will not receive support.

Contact me via pm to report bugs, or for any queries or concerns.



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