Allows factions to store tnt in their virtual bank.
Works with factions that use massivecraft

With this plugin each faction will be able to have their own tntbank. They can ethier add tnt from their inventory or from chest to their balance. With tnt in their balance any mod+ of the faction will be able to take tnt from the factions balance and put it nearby dispensers.
  • /tntbank add [amount/all] - add tnt from your inventory to your factions tntbank
  • /tntbank remove [amount] - remove tnt from you factions tntbank to your inventory
  • /tntbank chestmode - toggle chestmode, will take take tnt from the chest and add to your inventory
  • /tntbank bal [faction_name] - display avaliable tnt in yours/other factions tntbank
  • /tntbank tntfill [amount] [radius] - fill all dispensers in [radius] with the specified [amount] from your factions tntbank
max_radius: "30"

- "&7&m----------[&r &b&lTnTBank &r&7&m]----------"
- "&b/tntbank &fadd [amount/all] &7 - Add TnT from inventory to your TnTBank"
- "&b/tntbank &fremove [amount] &7 - Remove TnT from TnTBank to your inventory"
- "&b/tntbank &fchestmode &7 - Toggles chestmode. Click chests to add TnT contents to your TnTBank"
- "&b/tntbank &fbal (factionname) &7 - Display available TnT in yours/others' TnTBank"
- "&b/tntbank tntfill &f[amount] [radius] &7- Fill all dispensers in [radius] with the specified [amount] from your TnTBank."

    sender_console: "Console can't use tntbank silly!"
    added: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> &b#amountAdded# &7added to your TnTBank. Your faction now has &b#totalAmount#&7!"
    player_has_no_tntbank: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> &bError! &7You are not in a faction, or have no TnT in your TnTBank."
    tnt_bal: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You have &b#tntAmount# &7TnT in your TnTBank."
    otherfac_tnt_count: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> &b#otherFacName#&7's TnTBank balance is &b#amountOfOtherFac# &7TnT."
    fac_no_tntbank: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> Faction does not have a TnTBank."
    fac_not_exist: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> Faction does not exist."
    not_fac_mod: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You must be an &bOfficer &7 or above to use this command!"
    not_enough_tnt_in_bank: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> Your faction does not have &b#tntAmount# &7TnT in TnTBank."
    not_enough_tnt_in_inv: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You do not have that much tnt in your inventory!"
    no_inv_space: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You do not have enough inventory space for &b#tntAmount# &7TnT. Available space: &b#invSpaceLeft#"
    tntbank_incorrect_syntax: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> Incorrect Syntax. Try: /tntbank"
    arg_not_number: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You must enter a valid amount!"
    chestmode_exit: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> Chestmode &bDisabled&7!"
    chestmode_enter: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> Chestmode &bEnabled&7! Hit chests to add TnT to your TnTBank!"
    faction_wilderness: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You are in &bWilderness&7."
    max_inv_slots: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You cannot possibly have that much TnT ;)"
    tnt_chestmode_added: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> &b#amountToAdd# &7TnT added to your TnTBank."
    add_tnt_to_inv: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> &b#tntAddedToInv# &7TnT successfully removed from your TnTBank!"
    tntfill_not_own_territory: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You must be in your &bown &7faction land to TnTFill!"
    max_radius: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You cannot select that big of a radius! Max radius: &b#maxRadius#"
    no_tnt_to_fill: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You do not have enough TnT!"
    tntfill_successful: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You successfully filled &b#dispenserCount# &7dispensers with TnT"
    radius_not_int: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> You must enter a valid raduis/amount!"
    all_added: "&b&lAscendPvP &7> &b#amountAdded# &7added to your TnTBank. Your faction now has &b#totalAmount#&7!"
Permissions/Proof of ownership
  • tntbank.adminadd - This permission will give access too /tntbank adminadd [amount] [faction]

  • 10$ for plugin w/o src
  • 15$ for plugin with src
You can pm me here or you can on me on discord @William#1564 if you want to buy src.
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This license was given for free. What's this?
Plugin worked as it was meant to, I had a small bug....the maker of the plugin had it fixed in under a hour 10/10 would buy from him again.

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