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Free CrazyEnchantments Setup 3 Tiers v2017-05-02

#Awesome #Custom
Crazy Enchantments

>> Download link <<

Servers using this

This is a Fully Setup for
Crazy-Enchantments it has
- Custom GUI
- 5 GKITS Not finished
- Custom Messages
- Custom Enchantments Info
Edited >
- Tinker XP
- Mystery Dust
- Protection Crystal
- Scambler
- Enchantment Book
- Opening the Book


>> View GUI <<
>> View Gkits << Not finished
>> Custom Messages <<
>> View Enchantments Info <<
>> Enchantments Info Helemt <<
>> Enchantments Info Boots <<
Edited Items
>> New XP bottle <<
>> New Mystery Dust <<
>> Enchantment Book <<
>> Enchantment Book Opened <<

Coming soon:

Finish Gkits
More Tiers
More Sytles
More Enchantments
More Custom Messages
Other GUIS
Comment Below if u want me to add Other things

Want a Custom One?
PM me
Or add me On Skype adam.helischauer1

    • No ChargeBacks.
    • You will not receive a refund unless I choose.
    • You may not claim MY work as your own.
    • Not allowed to sell or share my work.
    • You must have my permission if you want to resell this Setup.
    • I am allowed to change my TOS any time i want.
Please Vouch if u think this is good work?

Latest reviews

Thank you for this amazing resource!
No problem going to work on a fully new one soon!
Awesome work, I'm going to be using this on my server!
Thanks if you want me to put your server ip in the desc i can !a
Resource looks good! Love it.
Thanks :D
this Resource is piece of Crap without Custom Gkits And Better design for Gui
Can you not dude
it took time + lets see what you can do bro :p + the Gkits are almost finished :P i have 5 gkits + 3 other GUI set ups
that coming out probably tmr
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May 3, 2017 Published
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