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[FREE] Creative NBT Copy Control 1.15

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[1.7.10 - 1.16.5] Creative (+NBT) copy feature under your control.
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A very light bukkit/spigot plugin that will restrict the creative mode NBT copy feature to certain players while allow others to use it.

What is creative NBT copy?
You can use Ctrl + middle mouse click to get an exact copy of the block (tile entities) you are pointing at (with its NBT Tags, that means for chests for example you get also a copy of the chest content). For example:

  • (Trapped) Chest / Dispenser / Dropper / Hopper: same name, same contents.
  • Furnace / Brewing Stand: same name, same contents, continues smelting/brewing at the point it has been copied.
  • Jukebox: same disk.
  • Command Block: same name, same command.
  • Sign: same text.
Ctrl + middle mouse click doesn't work on entities (e.g. chest/hopper minecarts, mobs, mob heads), their NBT Tags are not copied.

What does this plugin do?
This plugin will restrict the ability to copy the NBT tags for players that does not have permission.

How does it work?
Players that are in creative mode and do Ctrl + middle mouse click and don't have permission for NBT copy will only get the item like they normally do with middle mouse click without NBT data.

When you may need this plugin?
When you give creative mode to some players and you don't want them to duplicate any chest (including items they hold) especially if the server is in survival mode. Example: If you give creative mode access to some VIP's and you don't want them to dupe items for survival players.


  • Very light plugin.
  • Fully configurable. Easy add items to restriction.
  • Prevents NBT copy for tile entities.
  • Prevents copy of items with enchantments.
  • Bypass permission to allow staff or trusted members to use the NBT copy feature.
  • Config reload command.

No dependency's

Sample Config
#The plugin will check for the following items.
# Material names:

- 'SIGN'
#For 1.8 and up
#For 1.11 and up
#For 1.13 API
#For 1.14 API

#Chat messages with color and format codes support.
#Minecraft Color and Format Codes:

NoPermission: '&4[System] &cYou don''t have permission!'
CmdHelp: '&4[System] &cAvailable commands:&6 /as reload'
CmdReload: '&2[System] &aConfig reload complete!'
OpenSurvivalFrame: '&6[System] &eYou must be in survival mode to place an item in a frame!'
OpenSurvivalArmor: '&6[System] &eYou must be in survival mode to place items in an armor stand!'

Install instructions

  1. Place the plugin in the server plugins folder.
  2. Start the Server. Done, enjoy. Give the bypass permission to players that should be able to use the NBT copy feature. You can always change settings on the config and then do /cnc reload to apply the changes.
CNC.bypass - Allows players in creative to copy blocks (Tile entities) with NBT data using Ctrl + middle mouse click. Default to OP.
CNC.bypass.enchants - Allows players in creative to copy enchants on items. Default to OP.
CNC.admin - Access to config reload command. Default to OP.

/cnc reload - CNC.admin - Reload the config file.

Useful Info
Found a problem or got a suggestion?
For any issue, suggestion please comment in the Discussion Forum page, the button Discussion.

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This plugin is made by CraftersLand Minecraft Community.
:) Feel free to check us out at:

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good plugin litterally the thing that i was looking for!



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