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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Compact Skywars-map 'Temple' 1.11

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A small, Roman-inspired Skywars-map with support for up to 8 players.
A simple, compact Skywars-map I made for one of my first customers. However, his server collapsed before I could finish it, so I've decided to put it online for everyone to enjoy!

If you decide to use my work for your server, that's absolutely fine - go ahead! However, please don't claim to have made this map yourself and give appropriate credit when people ask how you got it, preferably by linking people to my website.


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Temple 3.png
Temple 2.png
Temple 1.png
Temple 4.png
Temple 5.png
  • Temple 3.png
    Temple 3.png
    854.6 KB · Views: 331
  • Temple 2.png
    Temple 2.png
    961.3 KB · Views: 332
  • Temple 1.png
    Temple 1.png
    874.5 KB · Views: 324
  • Temple 4.png
    Temple 4.png
    871.2 KB · Views: 326
  • Temple 5.png
    Temple 5.png
    735.6 KB · Views: 320

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Muy buen mapa, buen trabajo.


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