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GemCrush v1.2.2

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Inventory game based on Candy Crush
Outdated! Please refere to this thread!

Please comment in the discussion if you have any bugs/suggestions. Thank you

You can find a few pictures below

To be 100% sure that you have the newest version you should check Spigot since I am way more active on that forum.
  • Start a game with /gemcrush or shorter /gc
  • Display the top 10 with /gemcrushtop or shorter /gctop
  • Click two gems that are next to each other to switch them. This will only work if this switch will complete a row of at least 3 gems of the same type!
  • The inventory title displays the number of moves left and your current score
    • You can set the number of moves per game in the configuration file
  • The configuration file allows for customization of the gems (items displayed in the game).
    • In the section 'gems' you can change material and display names or add as many new gems as you like
    • Additional and optional settings for every gem
      • probability
        • default: 1
        • Defines the relative probablility of this gem to be used in a game
      • pointsOnBreak
        • default: 10
        • Defines the number of points awarded for every broken gem of the type
  • The number of different gems per game can be set in the configuration file. This number of gems will be picked randomly out of the gems defined in section 'gems' (probabilities can be customized: see above).
  • With Vault and an economy plugin it is possible to let the players pay for every game and pay them rewards based on their score (see next point)
  • Custom reward system:
    • The section 'onGameEnd' in the configuration file allows you to set score-intervals and customize the rewards for every interval
    • You can define the money the player will receive (for this economy must be enabled)
      • For the money to be payed payment must be enabled in the onGameEnd section AND economy must be enabled
    • Send Messages to the player
    • Dispatch commands
    • Send Broadcasts to the server
  • Permissions:
      • default: true
      • allow the player to start a game
      • default: true
      • allows the usage of /gctop
    • gemcrush.reload
      • reload the plugin with /gc reload
    • gemcrush.reset
      • Set all scores to 0 during runtime
      • Ideal to use together with CalendarEvents to reset the top list every month/Week


createBomb (1).png

Switching the glowing blaze powder with the anvil will spawn a bomb like shown below.

createBomb (2).png

The bomb is spawned glowing and will fall down like all other gems. When everything has fallen down and there is nothing else that will break without switching by the player, the bomb will explode. It will destroy all surrounding gems.

I am new on this forum but i read in the rules that this is a thing on mc-market ^^
So here you go:

If you like my inventory games you can also take a look at Minesweeper and Battleship ;) or express your happiness with a small donation

To Do
- more special gems (fish and so on)
- Campaign with prebuild levels and tasks in GUI​

Please be friendly in your reviews :p Contact me if you want any features added to the plugin
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This license was given for free. What's this?
Amazing! I love this plugin so much! It works extremely well! I can't wait for future updates :)
Thanks a lot!
GemCrush is on 2.x.x for some time already, but I won't update it above version 1 on MCM, since it depends on another plugin from 2.0.0 on. There is a thread about all my inventory games including GemCrush version 2 on MCM:



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