Generation 1 - 9 Starters Menu Pixelmon v1.0

Allow your players to choose any starter pokemon from Generation 1-9
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deluxemenu pixelmon
Starters Menu
Note: This is designed to function on Arclight using Pixelmon 9.1.3

How to Install:

1) Install PlaceholderAPI:click me

2) Install Luckperms: click me

3) Install Deluxemenus: click me

4) Once you have installed the aforementioned plugins, start your serber and run the following command:

- /papi ecloud download Player

5) Place the downloaded config.yml that you purchased from me into the Deluxemenus Plugin Configuration Folder (See Below)

Note The plugin versions shown in this screenshot may be out of date. Use the links above to download the most recent version of the required plugins.

6) Place the 10 downloaded files that you purchased from me into the gui_menus folder that is within the Deluxemenus folder.

7) Once the files are inside of the gui_menus folder, run the command: /dm reload

8) Test your new starters menu with the command /starters

9) Join the IMystic discord channel: click me

Questions Regarding this Product:

What is this product?

This product is a Deluxemenu based Pokemon Starter selection menu.

How do players access this product?

Players can access the starters menu via the command: /starters

Can players choose a starter an unlimited number of times?

No. Once a player has chosen a starter from this menu one time, the menu will not work again.

How does this menu impact Pixelmon’s base starters menu that players open upon their first join?

This menu does not change or influence Pixelmon’s base starters menu. If you leave the vanilla starters menu enabled, and install this menu, players will be able to choose a second starter via this menu.

How can I allow a player to choose a second starter from this menu after they have already chosen one from the vanilla menu?

In order to allow this menu to function as a secondary starter menu, all you need to do is install it into deluxemenus properly.

If I have any other questions, how can I get them answered?

You may reach out to me via discord: Ad Hominem#4318

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