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Grifball ALPHA 1.0

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Super fun and unique minigame not seen on many servers!

This plugin has only been lightly tested! Please expect the occasional bug and missing feature or two. It is only $5.00, and should remain that way in perpetuity. Please note that this only allows one arena per server! It will control essentialy the entire server you put this minigame on. If you purchase you will receive all future updates! This game is intended for a server dedicated to grifball.

Based off of this game:


Servers running this plugin:

  • Currently none. If you want yours here tell me!
  • Temporary Test Server:

Grifball is a capture the flag game where it is red vs. blue. The flag is a nether star, and when you pick up the nether star, you must bring it to the other teams base without dying. Everyone has axes with knockback. Super fast-paced and fun.


  • /gb setlobby (Sets the lobby location)
  • /gb setred <Spawn Number> (sets the spawn for red)
  • /gb setblue <Spawn Number> (sets the spawn for blue)
  • /gb setflag (sets the location of the flag spawn)
  • /gb start (Use with caution)
  • gb.admin (Access to all commands. Defaults to op)
  • Automatic restarts
  • Fast gameplay
  • Game auto starts and cycles through
  • Automatically makes teams
  • Scoreboard
  • Lots of customizable features
  • Much much more!
Upcoming features/updates:
  • Currently none planned but please suggest some!
Currently, the game is not even close to the full working product, however, I am not aware of any bugs. If you find any, please tell me and I will fix those along with adding new features!

***Expect errors when you first install it as you have not yet set all of the locations***

  1. Unzip the file (Currently a bug not allowing me to upload a .jar file)
  2. Install the Grifball.jar file in your /plugins folder
  3. Set up the settings.yml and messages.yml to your liking
  4. Set the locations with /gb setlobby, /gb setflag, /gb setblue <spawn>, /gb setred <spawn>
  5. You are ready to go!
Example Configs:
Example Map:
**Make sure spawns are NOT made out of red or blue wool. Red and blue wool are ONLY for the capture zones.

How you can help:

  • Report bugs! (Forum or skype: TheFancyWhale)
  • Suggest features!
  • Play the game and test!

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please do post them and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!
Terms and Conditions:
Please understand the following:

  • You are purchasing virtual goods, not anything physical.
  • You may NOT redistribute or share the source code
  • I am not obligated to update the plugin. That does NOT mean I won't update it.
  • NO refunds will be issued unless under special circumstances.
  • Plugin comes as is.
  • You can not resell or redistribute the plugin.
  • You can use the plugin on one network/server. If you own multiple servers/networks and want to use it on all of them please contact me.
  • Please contact [email protected] for sales issues.


First release
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