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GUIShopPlus! A continuation of GUIShop, But with an easy config utility!




About GUIShopPlus, Whats different?

Basically in GUIShop users had to spend hours customizing the plugin to their likings. 99.9% of the time they messed up in some way or matter, Then they would contact me on Skype requiring help. This plugin is nearing 55k downloads between spigot and dev bukkit, and i am not able to help like 60 people a day on Skype. I have put ALOT of work into this project, As the config utility has reached 3200+ lines of code! So this will put a stop to it! Enjoy guys!

What is the config utility?
Basically when you drag the jar into your plugins folder it still loads as a normal plugin. If you double click the jar on your pc, It open the config utility. The config utility is able to configure any aspect of the plugin, Then afterwards it saves the configs back inside the jar for the server to extract when it is started! Works with all Operating Systems (i think ;P)

How do i use the config utility?


If you are coming from the dev.bukkit page, Download the newest version immediatly! Errors, Dupes, and Bugs are all fixed! Enchants added too!!!

YAY! 150k downloads on Bukkit & Spigot! Thanks guys!

Using MobSpawners:
If you are trying to use Mob Spawners with this plugin, You may notice when you buy a Spawner, it gives you nothing? That is right! You need to install SilkSpawners!
You can download it by clicking the link above! This is required to use Spawners!

How to disable item from being sold?
As you guys know, A new update was released, Which allows you to disable certain items from being sold! You can do this buy:

1. Go to the item in the shops.yml
2. Erase the current value for "sell"
3. Instead of putting how much you want the item to sell for, Put "false"

sell: 400
This will let the item be sold for 400$
sell: false
Item cannot be sold!

How it works:
This plugin was designed to act like a large chest. you can simply click an item in the chest to buy it, or an item in your inventory to sell it. But it doesn't use a chest. It is a completely Virtual shop that will use any economy plugin you have. As long as you have vault of course. This plugin is
Sign-less, Frame less, and head ache-less. This plugin has a simple configuration that you can customize your shop with, and name your items in it! You can also access the shop by clicking a sign you customize yourself!
/shop: Opens the shops menu.
/shop reload: Reloads configs.

Mod Support:
This plugin now supports items from modpacks! You can use this in Tekkit ETC!!!

Don't want this version? Want the free one?

Want a config for the free version? Check this out!
Thanks to Knight for making this!

guishop.use: Allows use of /shop.
guishop.slot.[slotnumber] E.G guishop.slot.1 allows use of slot1.
OP IS NEEDED TO DO "/shop reload".
guishop.sign.use Allow usage of signs to open shop. Requires guishop.use as well! Allow users to place signs?
guishop.sell Allow users to open sell inventory
guishop.creator Allow user to enter creator mode
How to use:
Its quite simple to use this plugin. All you need to do is open the configuration. Follow the instructions provided within. once completed do /reload OR /shop reload. After that its simple. Do /shop to open the virtual shop. Click an item in the top inventory to buy, Click an item in your inventory to sell!

ADDED: Shift+click to buy any of one item. E.g i sell 16 stone for 1600, if i shift+click i will only get one stone for 100$. Does this for all items.



You may use this code for educational purposes or to help with plugins of your own. If this code is copied by someone, their project will be requested for removal.

Known problems:
When you reload your server the shop will not update.
fix: Try the essentials /reload. If the shop still doesn't refresh, you have a duplicate slot. This means you have 2 items that are on the same slot.

This will cause the error because both items are on slot 31. there for the shop will not update!

More of my stuff:

Hope you enjoy! if you have any problems PM me, Post in the comments.

Latest reviews

the plugin won't work for me. It shows up on my plugin list buy /shop doesn't work. Please help.
Plugin has been updated several times since this review.
Really good plugin, although it is a bit confusing to get the understand at first, but when you do, you'll realize just how easy it is.
Would recommend!
Good plugin but why does it cost money now? I got it for free yesterday lol
As mentioned in the last review, It was supposed to cost 4.99 but i accidentally had the plugin set for free. Ill add you guys as buyers if I can.
A Amazing plugin! Love it, 10/10
But somethings off, cause this is free on here, but cost money on spigotmc
This was due to some testing I was running.
It saddens me very much to have to leave a poor review on this resource, as the concept is absolutely amazing.

The program to setup the shop is glitchy (Using Windows 7), though it is bearable and useable. However, when I uploaded the jar file to my server, /shop works and shows the menu, but trying to get into one of the shops either doesn't work or opens an empty shop.
I tried to get support on Skype, where I already had him added. He hasn't replied to my message, though he has had many days to do so.

This plugin would be 5/5 stars, if bugs and flaws would get fixed, and support was better. At the current stage, I wouldn't recommend buying it. :/
10/10 would recommend for everyone!
Awww Thank you so much <3



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