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HALF PRICE - BungeeTabListPlus Config 1.0

A simple yet effective bungeecord tablist config
Hello MCM, This is my first paid resource. This is a simple config (default.yml) for the plugin BungeeTabListPlus

What is it?
This is a simple, clean and effective colour scheme for the plugin BungeeTabListPlus, it provides a clean and animated colour scheme. This tablist is a global tablist and on bungeecord servers it will show people what servers people are on. This first color scheme that I have created is a yellow and grey one, I will be releasing other color schemes if this one is successful.

How does it look?

What does it display?

The bungeecord tablist will display a nice Welcome message at the top of the screen that has a color changing message on. It also says what server you are on and what servers other people are on. It displays your ping in the top right hand side, if your ping is 0-49 it will display it in green, if your ping is 50-99 it will display in yellow and if your ping is 100+ it will display in red. The tablist also displays the total amount of players online and you can easily edit the text that is currently in there with text of your choice.

How to add to your folder:
Once you have the plugin in your bungeecord server restart the bungeecord server and in the plugins folder you should find a file called "BungeeTablistPlus" open this folder then open the folder "tabLists" delete the current "default.yml" and then place this downloaded one into it.



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