Hands (3D mold Design) v1.19 - lower and up.

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Supported versions
  1. 1.10
  2. 1.11
  3. 1.12
  4. 1.13
  5. 1.14
  6. 1.15
  7. 1.16
  8. 1.17
  9. 1.18
  10. 1.19
File format
  1. Schematic
  2. World

Made these hands to be used as a more or less guide or mold for a building, But this can also be changed and be made a little less ruff to make sure it fits within your own build. Can you just imagine how cool these hands would look if it was to swoop out of a mountain? Please if you download this share some images with me on what you used it for, I Would love to see the creations.

Alongside downloading this, you will be given 5 other bonus smaller builds. To say thank you for supporting me. However, those bonus builds will not be shared in images just to keep things a surprise and make it even more special to those that support me.

Also, note that I do go the extra mile for everyone downloading this to make sure I give you every possible way of using this. Whether it's with litematica, Schematics of WorldEdit and The world itself were built in. Taking time to make sure you guys enjoy it as much as I do and building this I ask for a small fee of $5 to be able to download this. If you want more of my builds please keep a watchful eye on my page, I am on a the role of getting new buildings out.

By downloading you will receive a file with the following:
  • 10 Images of the building (hands and the special bonus builds).
  • 1 Litematica of the hands and the 4 bonus smaller builds Litematica's.
  • The world in which the buildings are ( This is in a flat world and has access to creative).
  • 1 Scematic file of the hands and 4 bonus smaller builds of Scematica's.

If you had come across a problem downloading this please contact me on [email protected] or contact me here at BUILDBYBIT. I'll be happy to take that time to help you in the best possible way to make sure you get to use these builds. Please note I do not do refunds. Do not resell my creations, strictly for yourself or for your server use, If found reselling my creation actions will be taken.

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