HeadFlip | 50/50 coin toss with item based wagers [SaicoPvP] v1.0.2

Perfect for factions, skyblock, and more!
Plugin Description

Basically, this is a head flip/coin flip plugin, but rather than being eco based like every other 50/50 plugin out there, each user can wager their items.
  • 2 users start a headflip using the commands /headflip [playername] | /headflip accept [playername]
  • They are then presented with a chest gui split in half
  • Each user puts the items they wish to wager in their half of the gui
  • Once both users are happy with the wagered items, they click on a glass pane to accept (if either user changes their bet while the other has accepted, the button is reset)
  • Once they both accept they are presented with a gui which flips between both users heads
  • A winner is picked and they are informed in chat of their win/loss
  • The user who won can then use /headflip redeem to get their winnings (stored in a file so if the server restarts, nothing is lost. If the players inventory is full while redeeming, leftover items are still stored ready to redeem later)
It also has a stats system.
  • /hfstats - shows your own wins/losses
  • /hfstats [playername] - shows another users wins/losses
  • /hfstats top - shows the top ranked players by won games
All messages are configurable.

Proof / Screenshots

Proof 1
Proof 2

Trade Screen
Headflip Stats (own)
Headflip Stats (other)

Further Info

The plugin is compiled against Spigot 1.12, but has code to make it backwards compatible with 1.7/1.8 based servers. It has also been tested with PaperSpigot, and it works fine. This plugin has been extensively tested by myself, and my players. It causes zero lag, and has no known bugs/dupes (has never had any dupes).

If you find any bugs, or need any minor customisation that can not be done with the config, I am willing to do that. If you need any major modification, we can work something out at a cost.

After extensive research, looking for a plugin exactly like this for my server on spigot, and mc-market, I have not been able to find anything like it. There are many 50/50 wager plugins, but all of them are economy based and are not very configurable. As far as I know, this is the only one that offers item based wagering, and uses the "head flip" concept rather than "coin flip". Yes it is a direct copy of saicopvp, but I wanted it, so here it is.

The plugin is obfuscated, purely to protect the code. There are no backdoors, no "call home" methods, nothing like that. If a staff member of MC-Market wishes to review the source, I'm fine with that.

Latest reviews

Pretty nice, could this be updated to 1.16?
Pretty good .
Thanks for the review. If you have any issues or suggestions, feel free to message me.

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