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Hologram & GUIs - 13 Logo Menu Graphics 1.3

Pre configured fancy gamemode selector for your minigames, networks and more!
Без имени-1.png

Make your server unique and more proffesional with custom textured in-game menu and holograms with 13 premade gamemodes icons!

  • 13 manually drawed gamemodes icons for GUI and holograms;
  • Source files for changing in Photoshop and Krita;
  • Any icon/GUIs/Holograms can be used in vanilla game, in your mods or in your websites;
  • Fast install with ItemsAdder and DeluxeMenus plugins, just drag and drop needed files and it works!

  • You can set any description for your gamemodes with special layer;
  • Don't like yellow color? No problem - you can easily change GUI color with special layer!

  • Annihilation
  • Battle Royale
  • Creative
  • Duels
  • EggWars
  • Mineral Contest
  • MMoRPG
  • Murder Mystery
  • Prison
  • SkyBlock
  • Survival
  • Sub server for your Twitch streamer
  • Whitelist
How to install it in vanilla minecraft:
1) Install any plugin for texture providing with font-picture and items creating features
Recommended: ItemsAdder
Included fast install. So you can skip step 5, 6 and 7.
2) Install any GUI-menu plugin
Recommended: DeluxeMenus development build
Included fast install. So you can skip step 5, 6 and 7.
3) Install any holograms plugin with placeholders support
Recommended: HolographicDisplay with HolographicExtension
4) Install PlaceholderAPI
5) Add this assets to your texture providing plugin and configure them;
6) Create blank item for arrows working;
7) Create your menu with GUI-menu plugin and paste needed texture in, don't forget about blank item to make arrows interactible | Create your holograms with your holograms plugin and paste needed texture in;

:cool: Enjoy!


Watermarks needed for assets protection from leakers.

Have any question? Contact me through Discord - Wonder#0513

Latest reviews

Really high quality, especially the icons are amazing. Author is also really helpful, asked him to add icons for more gamemodes and he did, within 24 hours!
Thank you for your review, bro! Your gamemodes icons ideas is good, it help me a lot to make my resources better!
Top quality asset.
This will make your server very professional and not comparable to other servers as they use simple inventory menus.

It is also very customizable. Totally recommended!
Thanks for your review!



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