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[HQ] Custom InterestingFish configuration v2.0

[50% OFF] Adds 50 new highly detailed and accurate fish to your server!
  1. Plugin config
This is an extremely detailed configuration for the InterestingFish plugin on spigot That adds 50 new highly accurate fish with their maximum and minimum weight to mimic the real life's fish, They come with their scientific name, This is how they look ingame once you catch them, Note that the weight and name and pretty much everything is always random which causes the fish not to stack! Perfect for RPG servers trying to mimic runescape!



The configuration contains 50 fish, you're free to hop on my server and test it out, Don't do a blind purchase.

_-_-_-_ Frequently Asked Questions _-_-_-_

Q: Why $2.50 for this?
A: I spent a lot of time researching each fish weight and name to make it as precise as possible and finally came up with good collection of 50 fish that took me exactly half a day (10 hours to be fair) , I feel like $2.50 would be a reasonable price for this as I'll be updating it in the future if I get enough support, who knows? maybe one day you'll find out that the fish became 100 or 200!

Q: Can I customize it and change the colors?
A: Of course! It's easy! If you want more customization you can feel free to send me a PM and I will happily do it!

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