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Soo let me explain why it's not recommended. The plugins are the most basic ones what people just able to think about it, such as AccountGuard, ExploitFixer and etc. This configuration not gonna protect your server from ddos attacks because if the data center itself is allow the bad traffic to go trough than for example a 1Gbit/s bandwidth can be get filled and cause connection shortage. Using Bungeecord i think in 2022 is a bad idea if we think just about the Bungeecord exploits what are well-known. (Null ping, Third party bungee and etc...). There is no reason to buy this setup because the plugins only got some little tweaks no more. Don't get fooled by good promises šŸ’
Even though our community (Pirates Cove) is not using the full pack but bits and pieces to perfect our security and backend protection it's still well worth the money. The Developer is great at responding if you have questions and if any issues were found I am sure they would help you fix them and possibly even help install it, if required. I would recommend this if you don't have a lot of money and just starting out.

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