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Hub Starter Pack! (SkyWars, KitPvP, and a Hub Server) v1.0

Need a starter server, and do not know how to make a server? Well, here you are!
What I am selling:

Hi, I am here today to sell off my "Server Starter Pack". What is this? You may ask. Well, basically it is a KitPvP, SkyWars, and Hub server 100% configured, and in 100% working condition. There are no bugs that I am aware of, and I had a friend of mine check over all the files, to make sure there are no bugs, and he had not found any errors in console, nor any errors in the configs, so the servers are basically 100% ready to go. All you will need to do, is get a website, a host, and a donation store!

Information About the Servers:

So, you may be wondering this:
  • What makes this server so special?
  • Why would I want yours when I could buy a already setup one, with a playerbase?
  • How come this is 7.49$?
  • What are the Plugins, and are any custom?

So, if you asked yourself any of those questions, here are the answers to them. What makes this server so special? Well, let me explain, the 3 servers I have for sale here, are 100% setup, with NO BUGS! It is hard to come across a server that has NO BUGS, and is fully setup, and ready to go, all you need is the host, website, donation store, and the players.
Now, you may also ask, why not just buy a server with a playerbase, vs this one. Now, let me explain, most servers that you buy with a playerbase. will cost you over 500$ for a decent playerbase size, to MAYBE get your money you spent back in donations from, the server you bought. Well, with this one, there is a low risk as this is only 7.49$, and any server out there can easily make 7.49$ with just simple advertising on planetminecraft, or even just spamming other servers who have a playerbase, you will get donations, and you will most likely get the money you spent back. Also, most servers out there that you would buy with a playerbase, are not going to be an EULA compliant server. All 3 Servers I have here are EULA compliant, now you do not have to keep it that way, as you can add in kits for people to buy for IRL money, and so on. However, it is setup to be EULA complaint, and that is just to make it so you do not have to change it later on down the road, but you are more than welcome to make it NON EULA complaint.
The reason why I am only asking 7.49$ for this, is because I will be selling UNLIMITED copies of this, so I have no right to ask for any more, I feel that 7.49$ for 3 fully setup servers is a fair price. And, I hope you guys think so as well.
The server has 2 Custom plugins through ALL servers, I will not be listing them here, as I plan to add in a screen shots of the plugins from all the servers.


Here is a list of pictures of "Builds", "Plugins", and "Some other things".
Proof Of OwnerShip:

IP -

Check it out, and let me know what you think as well, also, I have an EXTRA FULLY SETUP website I will ONLY be able to sell 1 copy of that. So, PM me for a deal, and we can work out a price, and so on :)



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