[HUGE UPDATE] PHP Login System | Integratable! v2.1

A slick PHP login system that can be integrated into any website, protect any page!
Are you looking for a way to protect your website, without wanting to spend big $$$ on a Developer, or having to compromise and use a program like WordPress?

PHP Login System is the solution.

  • Username and Password Login
  • Ban, Unban, and Ban Details
  • Username, First Name, Last Name (and more) variables that can be placed into your Webpage
  • User online status check
  • Max login attempts (to stop brute force attacks)
  • Every action (Login, Logout, ban, etc) is logged to the database
  • Enable/Disable User Sign Up
  • Enable/Disable Public Ban Messages
  • Straightforward Administrator Panel for viewing user details, website statistics, and for updating website settings
  • Simple set-up process
  • Commented Code for easy editing
  • All pages are written in Bootstrap using a Royalty Free CSS File (found online)
  • Easy Readme.txt file
  • Control Panel (Coming Soon) DONE!
  • Mail System (Coming Very Soon)
  • Profile Picture Support (Coming Soon) DONE!
  • User Status (Coming Soon) DONE!

  • PHP Version 7.1.10
  • MySQL Database
Questions, concerns, comments, etc? Let me know via a PM Christopher or via the Discussion Tab :)

Aethdrac said:
Great product with even greater support!
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Latest reviews

Amazing person, great support too!
Simple, fast and a really great way to get a cheap and nice supported Login System. Author is helping and PM'ed me after I bought the System instantly and offered me support whenever I need it! :) It looks very clean and Modern, can only advice to buy if you dont want to spend big money! <3
Thank you for your review :)

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