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HyDRA - MCM Rules and Guidelines v1.1

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A free audio file of MCM Rules and Guidelines for users with auditory learning or reading disorder..

Providing audio assistance for those in need.

* What is HyDRA?
HyDRA is a project established by Kennedy to help users of McM, and communities to come.

The idea is to help users with auditory learning, or reading disorder conditions, to understand the rules and guidelines of the community, sot hat they can stay and fit in with the rest of the users without running intro trouble.

* What's the catch?
There is no catch. This project is non-profit and created specifically for helping those users in need.

* Why was this created?
I myself came across a few anonymous users who were struggling to follow the rules as they could not read or remember them. One of the users was diagnosed with dylexia. That user couldn't read the rules as it was to them, a large wall of jumbled letters and words.

The other user couldn't simply remember the rules, as they were an auditory learner. The rules could be read by them, but they never were stuck insider their mind.

After re-listening to my own project, while editing each audio file, the rules seemed to be sticking with me. I was able to even at some points remember the exact number of the rule I was thinking of, and perfectly quote it word by word.

* How can I help?
If you thought of this question, thank you! The best things you can do to help are within the following:

- Listen to the audio files, if you hear any annoying sounds or clicking noises, send me a message containing the number of the rule or the name of the section that has the blooper.

- Provide me with ideas! Think you have a great way of expanding this beyond McM? Want me to do this for your project/website? Should something be added or removed? Please do tell me!

- Speak a different language? Do you have a good mic? If you are willing to record your voice in that other language, I would love to work with you in translating the content in this file! You would definitely be paid.

- Let this be known! The more users that know about this and tell their friends, the more we can help!

* Can I donate?
Sorry, I am not accepting donations. If you wish to help please refer to the answered question above. The expenses will be paid for out-of-pocket. Thank you for considering.

* Will you keep this updated?
I will do my best to keep this resource updated. As long as HyDRA continues to receive support, I will keep working on it.

* What's in the ZIP?

The file contains the following:
  • Main Audio (All rules)
  • Individual rules audio, for reference
  • Misc Audio
  • A README text file
To-do list:

  • Translate the audio to major languages
  • Record the TOS of McM
  • Create a logo
  • Release a website
  • Expand
* Can I use it, even if I don't need it?
Yes! HyDRA is not just for those who need it. It is open for anyone to use.

Thank you so much for the support!
I encourage you to start projects like these to grow the community!

Latest reviews

This license was given for free. What's this?
This is a good resource for those who are impaired in any form, if you would like me to record this professionally with an adult male voice, do not hesitate to private message me, you could include my version along with your own voice.
This license was given for free. What's this?
This is great, thank you for giving to the time to put thought into your something many overlook!
This license was given for free. What's this?
Good shit. Well done.
Heh, you bet. Thanks a ton!
This license was given for free. What's this?
Your making the world a better place doing this, keep it up! <3
I hope so! <3
This license was given for free. What's this?
Kennedy had a great editor put all the audio files together for him *cough* me *cough*
This license was given for free. What's this?
This is an amazing thing that you've made for the community. You're one of the most thoughtful and kind persons online that I've seen.
Aw, I really appreciate it!
This license was given for free. What's this?
I don't usually write reviews on resources but what you did was fantastic for the community and also thoughtful
Really appreciate the feedback :) I'm happy I could make a difference.
This license was given for free. What's this?
Everything I want to say has already been said. This is amazing
Thank you so much :)
This license was given for free. What's this?
This is amazing <3 I personally struggle with mild dyslexia and reading problems, so this is a huge help!
I'm so glad this could help you :) Thanks for the review!
This license was given for free. What's this?
Above and beyond. I can't say you're a good person enough.
I can't say thank you enough :)



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