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Hyronic Survival Setup v2.0.2-BETA

Hyronic Survival offers a fresh and innovative approach to Minecraft's original way of playing.

Latest reviews

Es un set up maravilloso, tiene mucho por hacer y jugar, son constantes y grandes las actualizaciones que le van haciendo, se nota que está bien cuidado este proyecto, y el equipo de staffs te ayuda al momento en discord 10/10 : )
This license was given for free. What's this?
Now lets get started on this review shall we? Is this setup perfect? Not by any means. Does it have a good base? Absolutely. Is it worth the money this setup costs? Absolutely in the config files alone. As a setup? Even more amazing the way they meshed it all together.. in a smooth matter. I genuinely feel that some of the MMOitems setups are worth at least double the price of this setup currently at a minimum. Throw in the custom textures on almost all the items in the around 70+ MMOitems in the setup? Double that price again. Its solid for what is there and is for the most part fully functional. I would not recommend this for the beginner minecraft server owner due to the fact that It would take a serious amount to make it fully operational in the long run. In the short run? Its absolutely sublime. The spawn included is very nice and spacious with plenty of room for additions to an experienced server owner. Over all. Highly impressed and it takes someone who's worked on these kind of servers for a long while to see exactly how good of a setup this is. This is a one of a kind setup and all you people of the internet who have been dieing for a good RPG setup. This is the one. Its being updated constantly (check the updates dates) And see for yourself the speed at which they are working. Hard work deserves praise and when I say this team is a bunch of hard workers. It shows. Then through in the fact the Rank system is COMPLETELY Eula friendly without even kits due to the fact that kits are against EULA due to giving an edge so thats yet another plus in my book. However they do offer cosmetics and certain command access to the ranks included in the setup.


4/5 because while its perfect for someone like me others might have to "struggle" with a few small bugs and i hope they never buy some setups on here that have nothing BUT bugs and you end up troubleshooting the whole time.
The setup itself would be a great idea and i would love to see it working correctly but unfortunately that's not the case. As soon as i set it up and start looking around i find a lot of things wich are not working and a lot of features that the author say they are there but in fact they still need to be published.

Here's a list of things that are not working:
- No dungeon keys in crates even if in the dungeon's menu it says that the only way for players to get keys is trought crates
- Dungeon key not working (when you try to start a dungeon it removes the key and then it tells you you don't have a key)
- Emoji not working (you type the emoji code in chat but it just shows the code and doesn't change it into the actually emoji)
-Trust and untrust gui is not working. If you click on trust/untrust a player it closes the gui and tells you to write the name of the player. When you do it it says "Command executed succesfully!" and "Uknown command. Type "/help" for help."

And this is a list of things that are shown in the product page and presented as "working" but actually not present in the setup:
- Hyrons coins system (virtual currency showed in the boss bar wich is completelly useless, it's just a text)
- Adventurer boss bar (same thing for the Hyrons, it's just a text and not actually a placeholder or a levelling system)
- Runes (They don't get actually get mentioned in the product page but they get mentioned from the witch NPC at the spawn wich explain you exactly how to use them etc.. and still they're not even implemented)

At the end i just think the setup could be one of the best if the author put the needed effort to make it so. This review don't want to be a "don't buy this" but more like a reason for the developer to start fixing up stuff. I reported ALL the problems i found (wich is like 3 times the one i wrote in this review) and i didn't even receive a "thanks, we're working on it" or "yeah we'll do it". Nothing. Hoping the situation will get better, i wish you a good one.
Hyronic Studios
Hyronic Studios
(Response by: Pris of Hyronic Studio.)

Alright, let's elaborate on this further:
On discord, I answered everything he complained about:

"I just would like to see what you said you were selling, that's it": All of what you see on the resource page is in the setup. Nothing less, nothing more. All the "coming soon" you said weren't even on the resource page.

"I'm pretty sure i already listed some of the things that was showed as "working" in the setup that wasn't even implemented": Tell me of a single one setup on the Earth that don't have bugs in it. Ok,let's go through the original list of the things you told me to fix

No dungeon keys in crates even if in the dungeon's menu it says that the only way for players to get keys is trought crates FIXED
Dungeon key not working FIXED
Emoji not working (you type the emoji code in chat but it just shows the code and doesn't change it into the actually emoji) JUST DON'T USE THE NEWEST VERSION OF S.I.R, I'm pretty sure I said this in customer-chat or hyronic-survival-qs
Trust and untrust gui is not working. If i click on trust/untrust a player it closes the gui and tells me to write the name of the player. When i do it it says "Command executed succesfully!" and "Uknown command. Type "/help" for help." FIXED
Not being able to break/place custom ore FIXED
Custom join message not working FIXED

I went through and fixed every single bugs that not only you, but other customers have. All this for a 2* reviews for something I didn't even promise for. You get all the support, bug fixes and everything you see on the resource page, and yet you leave us with a 2 stars reviews?

And he just insisted that "What about the shown features that are not implemented?", while everything I promised on the resource page is absolutely in the setup. I did place some text-holders in setup, those are the features I said I'll implement in the future, and yet he says like I scammed him out of his 15.99$.

I don't often argue with anyone, and especially not with my customers, but this is a case where I'm both furious and confused as to what he asked for when we literally offer everything he asked. We tried to reach out to him, give him support and offer him solutions, but he just didn't want to cooperate with us. I have revoked his access to my product, and will proceed to refund him if he asks us to.

Thank you for reading.
very nice and fresh survival setup!
Setup is perfect! And creators really do help out alot with the million questions i have. Really helps with making the setup your own.
One of the best setups for being a Survival RPG-type game
good jobs dev is very good


Hyronic Studios
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4.50 star(s) 7 ratings

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