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Industrial MC [CUSTOM BLOCKS] [INDUSTRIAL CRAFT LIKE] [UNIQUE] [1.11.x-1.12.x] 1.9.9

Minecraft, Industrial Style. Add a whole new Survival Aspect To Your Server!

Industrial-MC views Minecraft in a new way, an industrial way, this plugin features mechanised blocks that so far have only existed in modded minecraft, and brings them to spigot servers. Industrial-MC was inspired by the modded Minecraft community most of which consist of mods that bring machines into minecraft. and now you can add those modded features to your vanilla spigot servers!
Industrial-MC can be run independently, or run along side other plugins.



  • Introducing Power Units - the plugin features the whole new "pd" power unit, that is used and generated within the plugin.
  • Highly Configurable - Do you want to change the plugin to fit your likings? well you can change pretty much everything! from languages machine attributes and recipes of the plugins items!
  • Mob Grinders - you can now create automatic mob grinders that can be turned on and off at your will, that will do the killing for you!
  • Quaries - ever wanted to mine a huge area, but dont have the suffiecent resources or time?, well now you can! with quaries you can mine an area you select, and it will mine at a speed that you can determine!
  • Jetpacks - the plugin features several types of jetpacks all of which derive from the different battery types, that determine which jetpack they will create, so you can fly away!
  • Power Management - within the plugin you can craft cables/wires(end rods) that can be used to transfer power from one machine to another, due to limitations in the minecraft engine, end rods dont connect from their sides, so power distributers are used(chiseled stone brick, see Video^).
  • Power Storage - the plugin features several battery types ranging from hand held small batteries, to huge multi-block battery bank blocks!
  • Green Power Generation - do you not want to waste coal and warm up your minecraft climate?, well with this plugin you can create solar panels that create power passively, without burning resources or wind turbines that run forever with an animation!
  • Energy Weapons - Want to shoot purple laser beams that deal lots of damage? well this plugin bring that to reality!
  • No More Confusing Recipes - Ever wondered what the hell is the recipe for this plugin item?, well worry no more! Industrial-MC bring a command that showcases all of its craftable items in a single click!
  • Totally Independant - this plugin can run completely on its own, without the need of extra feature plugins!
  • Create Your Own Recipes - do you not care that theres a handibook to show all the recipes? well with this plugin you can create your own recipes for the items in the plugin!
  • Electric Smelting - with the power of pd you can smelt items without the need for solid fuels!
  • Rechargeable Tools - Are you tired of your tools breaking? well with this plugin you can create tools that can last forever by charging them!
  • Mob Capturing - ever wanted to be a minecraft pokemon hunter? well now you can catch mobs with safari nets and transport them where ever you like!
  • Custom Blocks - No longer will this plugin take up pre-existing blocks in the game, from version 1.7.1 this plugin will create its own custom blocks to be machines! with custom textures that dont need a texture pack!
  • Exprience Storage - Tired of constantly dying and loosing all of that hard earned xp? well now you can store your xp in a Liquid Exp Tank!
  • Completely Customizable - Do you not like a machine and dont want your players using it? simply remove their permission to use it and they will be unavaliable to be placed everywhere! do you want to disable all machines in a world? well you can set that in the config!
  • Storage Units - Tired of using those limited storage boring old chests? well with industrial mc you can create nearly infinite storage!
  • Automatic Crafting! - Do you hate remembering items recipes? well let the Auto Crafter do the crafting for you!
  • Region/Claim Respectful! - Worried that your friends will quary your house? dont be! quaries dont mine in other players regions/Claims!
  • Liquid Storage! - Tired of storing your liquids in buckets? well with this plugin you can store as much liquid as you want inside a single block!

/inc - Opens the Industrial-MC Creative Menu.

Permission: industrial.creative

/findmachine <machine-ID> - Gives Information About the given Machine-ID.
Permission: industrial.findid

/mymachines - Lists Your Owned Machines.
Permission: industrial.mymachines

/wrench - Gives you a Wrench.
Permission: industrial.wrench

/industrial - The Master Utility Command of The Industrial-MC Plugin. (Alias: /ind)
Sub Commands:

  • /industrial reload - reloads the plugin files.
    Permission : industrial.master.reload
  • /industrial set <config-section> <value> - sets the given config section to the given value, requires reload/restart to settle.
    Permission : industrial.master.set
  • /industrial setcharge <amount> - sets the held items charge to the given value
    Permission: industrial.master.setcharge
  • /industrial setmaxcharge <amount> - sets the held items charge capacity to the given value
    Permission: industrial.master.setmaxcharge
  • /industrial recipes - opens up a menu that you can click on a craftable Industrial-MC item to show its recipe.
  • /industrial setrecipe <replace-default?> <shapeless?> - set an Industrial-MC item's recipe with the option to replace the original or not, and if its shapeless or not.
    Permission: industrial.master.setrecipe
  • /industrial removerecipe - remove a custom made recipe.
    Permission: industrial.master.removerecipe
/reloadcustomblocks - an "in case of emergancy" command only to be used if custom blocks dont load correctly or dont show up in the /inc menu. it is highly recommended that you restart the server at least twice after running this command.(console only)

/getresourcepack <file-path> - if for some reason players cant download the prompted resource pack that is shown when they join, use this command to download the machines textures and use it as your servers resource pack. Example use: /getresourcepack D:/ (console only)

/indtrust <player-name> <all/break/use/remove> - allows players to add friends that can use their machines.

/toggletextures - toggles a players custom block textures pack, allows disabling custom block textures completely. no permission required. needs a relog to take effect.

Permissions to use Machines:
Charging Station: industrial.machine.chargingstation
Generator: industrial.machine.generator
Battery Bank: industrial.machine.batterybank
Quary: industrial.machine.quary
Mob Grinder: industrial.machine.mobgrinder
Solar Panel: industrial.machine.solarpanel
Electric Furnace: industrial.machine.electricfurnace
Jetpacks: industrial.create.jetpack
Rechargeable Tools: industrial.create.powertool
Safari Net: industrial.machine.safarinet
Harvester: industrial.machine.harvester
Liquid XP Tank: industrial.machine.xptank
Elevator: industrial.machine.elevator
Nuclear Reactor: industrial.machine.reactor
Storage Unit Monitor : industrial.machine.monitor
Storage Unit Memory: industrial.machine.memory
Wind Turbine: industrial.machine.turbine
Auto Crafter: industrial.machine.crafter
Liquid Tank: industrial.machine.tank
Coal Liquefactor: industrial.machine.coalliquefactor

Bypass Machine Place Limitation: industrial.bypasslimit

Please Note:
in order for custom blocks to be visible you must accept the "do you want to download this servers resource pack" message that pops up the first time you join after you installed the plugin.
if you have run the plugin for the first time, please remember to add the worlds that you want industrial-mc machines to be placed in in the "worlds" section in the config.yml file. it is also recommended that you restart the server at least twice after running it for the first time. and also after running the /reloadcustomblocks command.


#Please Note that 20 ticks = 1 second.

#determines how fast will power go from source to destination(lower is faster).
default-input-ticks: 4

#how much power will go into an item in a charging station per default-input-ticks.
charging-station-pd-rate: 200

#how fast will generators consume fuel items.
generator-fuel-consumption-ticks: 200

#how much power will go from source to destination per default-input-ticks
default-output: 50

#how much power will ender fuel generate relative to default-output
ender-power-multiplier: 1.5

#how much power will gas fuel generate relative to default-output
gas-power-multiplier: 3.5

#how large can quary border be.
max-quary: 16

#how much power will quaries consume per block broken.
quary-pd-use: 20

#how fast will quaries mine (lower is faster, and more resource demanding).
quary-mine-delay: 4

#will generators make smoke as aesthetic.
smokey-generators: 'true'

#how much power will jetpacks use per toggle.
jetpack-pd-use: 10

#how much power mob grinders use per attack.
grinder-pd-use: 20

#how fast will mob grinders attack (lower is faster, and more resource demanding).
grinder-attack-delay-ticks: 15

#how much power will a solar panel generate at maximum sunlight per default-input-ticks.
solar-panel-output-pd: 15

#how much power will a laser rifle consume on each shot.
laser-rifle-pd-use: 200

#how much damage will a laser rifle deal on impact (in half hearts).
laser-rifle-damage: 8

#how far will a shot from a laser rifle go.
laser-rifle-range: 25

#how much power will a power tool use per use.
power-tool-pd-use: 100

#How Much power will a furnace use per furnace-burn-time-ticks.
furnace-pd-use: 1000

#For how long will a furnace burn before using power again to refuel.
furnace-burn-time-ticks: 400

#changes if safari nets can be used more than once.
multi-use-safari-nets: false

#sets how many quaries are allowed to be placed, to disable this limitation, set it to -1.
quary-limit: 25

#as the name suggests, DO NOT EDIT THIS! IT WILL CAUSE ERRORS
do-not-edit: false

#Do not edit this either.
prev-versions: [version-list]

#sets how frequently will harvesters check for ready to harvest plants, recommend to be above 50+
harvester-delay-ticks: 50

#how much power will a harvester use per crop harvested
harvester-pd-use: 100

#the maximum distance in blocks between elevators, to disable elevators set this to 0.
max-elevator-height: 16

#how much xp will it cost to bottle an exp bottle. to disable exp bottling set this to -1.
exp-bottle-xp-cost: 10

#How much power will a nuclear reactor produce per default-input-ticks
reactor-pd-output: 500

#How many ticks will it take to consume 1 fuel item in a nuclear reactor.
reactor-fuel-consumption-ticks: 3000

#if true, when you craft a machine it will be fully powered, if false it will empty of power.
charged-crafted-machines: false

#will jetpacks work in creative mode?
creative-jetpacks: false

#how much power will  the storage unit monitor use per use.
storage-unit-monitor-pd-use: 100

#how much power will a wind turbine generate per default-input-ticks
wind-turbine-output-pd: 25

#how much time will it take(in ticks)  to craft an item in an auto crafter.
auto-crafter-delay-ticks: 200

#how much power will an auto use every time it crafts.
auto-crafter-pd-use: 1000

#how many buckets can a liquid tank hold
tank-bucket-capacity: 50

#disable the custom block texture pack?
disable-user-textures: false

#how much power will a coal liquefactor use
coal-liquefactor-pd-use: 1000

#how many ticks will it take to produce one oil bottle
coal-liquefactor-delay-ticks: 200

#how many oil bottles can a coal liquefactor hold
coal-liquefactor-oil-capacity: 10

#how many times more power will oil generate relative to coal
oil-power-mulitplier: 5

To change language file values start off by shutting down your server, then translate your desired values, save the yml file and keep a backup just in case, then start your server again and you just translated the plugin! NOTICE: some language values contain a ":", please keep in mind to keep a space after the ":", for aesthetics.

if you purchased the plugin and you werent added to the buyers list automatically and cannot download it, send me a message with proof that you paid for it, and ill add you to the buyers list manually.

- By using this plugin on your server you are agreeing to the following terms:
*No refunds under any circumstances.
*Do NOT deobfuscate/decompile this plugin.
*Do NOT republish/redistribute/resell this plugin.
*I am allowed to remove you from the buyers list if i wish to do so.
*I am allowed to change the price of this plugin without notice.
*You will NOT report bugs in the review section.
*Do not send this plugin to anyone without my permission.
*By Not following some of these rules you may find your permission to use the plugin removed, and you will have to pay for this plugin again, if i were to accept it.
*you will only report bugs after you made sure you have the latest version of the plugin.
*Any case of piracy or theft of this plugin will result in a confiscation of the server using the plugin illegally.


Q: i hooked up my machine to power and it doenst charge, what do i do?
A: some machines only accept power from certain directions, for example: harvesters input from the bottom, charging stations input from the back, generators output from the back, etc(more info in the video). also, check if your power source has any power in it with a wrench stick.

Q: the console log is being spammed with "added custom block"! will this happen all the time?
A: this happens only in the first time you install the plugin, as it is downloading the custom blocks, please avoid stopping the server during that process.

Q: i placed an end rod with a red "Wire" display name, broke it and it dropped a normal end rod, will it still work?
A: the display name is a mere aesthetic, any end rod can be used as wiring.

Q:where does the harvester output the drops to?
A: nowhere, it stores the crops inside itself, and drops them when its broken.

Q: can i get Industrial-MC for free?
A: no, but you can get a discount if i were to allow it.

Q: is this plugin compatible with slimefun?
A: since version 1.8.2, yes.

Q: i bought the plugin and it doesnt allow me to download it! what do i do?
A: notify me here on spigot with proof that you bought the plugin, and i will add you manually to the buyers list.

Q: i installed the plugin and it crashed on the first time, is it broken?
A: the plugin will crash in the first time as it is trying to access the config file before it has been created, simply restart the server to fix this.

Q: i found a bug, what do i do?
A: you report it to me instantly on the discussion thread or in PM explaining it, and how to reproduce it. DO NOT REPORT BUGS IN THE REVIEW SECTION!

Known Problematic Incompatibilities:
-SilkSpawners and its varients.
-PaperSpigot and TacoSpigot.

(pd stands for "Pixie Dust")
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This plugin is absolutely incredible, I am blown away at the creativity and execution of being able to make mods in minecraft plugins, essentially.

Best plugin on MCM :)
Thanks for the review!


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