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Industrial Machines in Minecraft
What is IndustrialCraftX
IndustrialCraftX is a plugin based loosely off of the "Industrial Craft" mod for Minecraft. Its entire inspiration came from this mod, however does not follow it completely.

It is great for survival servers that want their players to have a new set of things to do while exploring the world!

This is still very much a W.I.P however I wanted to release it at its current stage in progress to showcase it.

As in the mod, there are many machines which are added to the game. There is currently only the macerator in this plugin which crushes up ores into a dust form, which can then be smelted into ingots (which therefore yields 1 extra ingot to normal)
There are many more machines which are planned

There is currently the normal generator which uses coal, or wood, to produce power. This power is stored inside the generator, and if it is placed next to a machine or a storage unit, it can directly power it.
There is also a low voltage solar panel which produces energy from sunlight

There is a batbox which can store 40,000 units of power which can be used to charge/discharge batteries, and get power directly from a generator. There is 1 output slot (automatically facing you, shown by flashing red particles).

Within this plugin, there is copper cable which can carry energy along through it, if connected to the output of a batbox and leading to a machine.

Treetap - Just like the mod, right click any wood log and there is a chance for sticky resin to come out. Smelt this to get rubber
Copper ore - Random chance for redstone ore to become copper ore
Tin ore - Random chance for iron ore to become tin ore
Copper & Tin Ingots - Either smelt the ores, or macerate them and smelt the dust
Copper Cable - Used to transmit energy
Macerator - Crushes items down to a smaller version, has 1,000 of its own energy
Batbox - Stored 40,000 energy
Generator - Can generate energy from wood or coal
Solar Panel - Generates energy from sunlight
Refined Iron - Gained from smelting iron
Machine block - Used in all machines
RE Battery - Portable energy storage device


This is very much a W.I.P plugin, and I have many more features in mind and am currently working on. With many more of the machines, items, generators and possibly buildcraft mod related items.

Extra Info
As stated previously, this is very much a W.I.P and this is more of a showcase of what I am working on. Similarly to my WitcheryX plugin, I will create an in-game book which explains how to craft everything and what everything does, however this will be in a later update.

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