Warps, lobbies, spawns, and more like you have never seen before!

InsaneWarps introduces better handling of warps, spawns, tpr and more with new unique mechanics. Locations can easily be set and controlled with permissions and delays. Signs can be used for quick commandless teleports. And add more immersive features like a GTA 5 style teleportation!

InsaneWarps depends on NovaLib to function.
Install Vault for Economy Support


For installation and more: https://www.dreamexposure.org/plugins/insanewarps

  • Warp/Hub/Lobby/Spawn handling
  • Respawn handling
  • Spawn sharing (Die in the Nether, respawn in the Overworld)
  • TPR (Randomly teleport to a location far away)
  • Teleportation Upon Join (force a player to teleport to the spawn or other locations when they join the server)
  • Multiblock structures
    • Portal (Step into a portal and teleport)
    • Platform (Stand or crouch on a platform to teleport)
    • ItemBlock (Floating item above a block to represent the location, right click the sign to teleport)
  • Holograms for multiblock structures
  • Teleport signs
  • GTA V teleportation animation
  • Economy integration
  • And more! Don't see a feature? Request it on our discord!


InsaneWarps offers multiblock structures for more immersive use rather than commands or signs.

  • Portals
    • Use a portal for teleporting
  • Platform
    • Stand or crouch on the platform to teleport
  • ItemBlocks
    • Have an item float above the base block to represent the location. Then click the sign to teleport.

InsaneWarps offers signs for more immersive use rather than commands.



All commands, their syntax, an example of the command, and its respective permissions can be viewed here: https://www.dreamexposure.org/plugins/insanewarps#commands


All permissions, what they do, and their defaults can be viewed here: https://www.dreamexposure.org/plugins/insanewarps#permissions


  • Inventory Menus
  • Particle Effects
  • Integrated support for Bungee networks (transfer servers seamlessly)
  • Support for 1.8.x-1.13.x
  • And more! Don't see a feature? Request it on our discord!


DreamExposure Studios is a development studio founded by NovaFox161. Its goal is to provide quality discord bots and spigot plugins along with custom made software. Without DreamExposure, none of the plugins we provide would have been possible.

DreamExposure Minecraft Server Network: mc.dreamexposure.org


The following Terms and Conditions apply upon purchase:
  • No refunds, charge backs, or other attempts to reverse the transaction.
  • License for the plugin is valid for only one server (or server network).
  • Do not sell or otherwise distribute the plugin without express written permission from DreamExposure.
  • Do not attempt to reverse engineer or otherwise distribute the source code of the plugin without express written permission from DreamExposure.
Breaking the terms and conditions will result in being permanently banned from downloading updates or purchasing the plugin again. DreamExposure takes these terms very seriously.

Contact DreamExposure for any questions/comments/concerns about the Terms and Conditions. Thank you.

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