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ItemDisplay 1.0.0

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Show item information in chat!
A tool to display item info in chat [Version 1.0.0]
ItemDisplay is a plugin which allows players to show off an item in chat, simply by putting [item] (configurable) into chat. The plugin attempts to work with all custom chat formats, but may break some I couldn't count on. If this happens, let me know.
The plugin is essentially drag & drop, with only a few configuration options. More will be customizable in the future. This plugin won't require many updates, however, I will attempt to update to widely requested features, as well as fix any issues that occur.

Any feedback is appreciated, and will contribute towards the betterment of this plugin!

This plugin was done for free for The Cob

Commands | Permissions
<> - Required argument
/id - Show version info | If player is not OP/Doesn't have perm
/id - Reload config | itemdisplay.reload (or OP)

#ItemDisplay configuration file
# [itemname] The name of the item in the player's hand
# [quantity] How much of the item in the stack there is
# Chat formatting codes are accepted. See

#This is where you define how the plugin will handle replacing the chatTag (see below)
chatFormat: '[itemname] &7(x[quantity])'

#This is where you define what tag the plugin will look for in chat, and replace
chatTag: '[item]'

[1] ???

While this plugin is free to use, by downloading this resource, you agree not to redistribute it, claim credit for it, or redistribute it with a modified source, nor put this plugin (somehow) to malicious use. I retain the right to change this license at any given time, with or without notice. By downloading this resource you agree to any and all future revisions of this license. You automatically agree to any updated versions of this license by continuing to use the plugin, even if you are not notified of the changes to the license.


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